Is faith necessary for Salvation

Is Faith Necessary for Salvation? 4 things to know

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Salvation happens when a man receives God’s personal conversion for their conviction to clear their confusion in Faith. Then, the question: Is Faith necessary for Salvation?

According to the Book of Hebrews, Faith is ‘the substance of things hoped for,’ ‘the evidence of things unseen.’ (Hebrews 11:1 KJV)

What is that telling us? The two phrases used there in the quotation are what defines Faith; something not seen but there is a strong belief that it is and will be; something hoped for, it has not been confirmed, it was spoken, and there is a belief that it is going to work and it is depended on.

What is Salvation?

Salvation, on the other hand, is turning away from sin to God. Leaving the devil to serve God and the world to live by the Word.

That means anyone in the World (sin) will not know what Faith means; he will see it as believing in invisibility and intangibility while someone in the Word (Christ) believes that the Immortal One truly lives.

We remember in Genesis (the beginning) that God created man in His own image and likeness, but through Adam, sin came into the world; we all became sinners in nature (Rom 3:23,) and we lose God’s nature; Jesus Christ came and died on the cross for our redemption and He arose for our justification, through this we can become God’s children once again.

Now, what brings us to that? When we get born again, we have a rebirth through the justification of the resurrection.

Salvation comes only through Jesus, which means there is no other way by which we can be saved since it is written that he that believes not shall be damned (destroyed.) Before anyone would desire to take the step to become saved, he must have believed in God for him to take the step. Because that is what guarantees access to God, the throne of mercy is open; one who has faith can walk up there and seek grace and pardon in time of need, in faith.

Why do Atheists lack Faith in God?

Atheists lack Faith in God; that is why they proclaim him not to exist. They do not believe in Him at all.

Since this salvation is acquired through Jesus, how does it work? His story is amazing to some, and it sounds stupid to others; incarnation is fictional to many; they even see it as science fiction.

This Jesus, He is someone we read about, sees His works and everything, but, ordinarily, people believe in something they can see. That is carnality and the body of a man in action. Once a man realizes himself and wants to turn to God, he is required to have the belief that God is and that he is a rewarder of the ones who seek Him; it takes Grace through Faith for such a man to believe he has been forgiven.

Men fail to realize that, the saints of old who walked with God, they walked with him by Faith, unwavering to say and not by sight.

These men were called Heroes of faith not because they acquire salvation only, but they had Faith that moved God to walk with them. These men tapped into God’s kind of Faith as he created the world, “Let there be, and there was.” These men acted in Faith without thinking twice that what if… (they refused to allow their flesh to stand against them,).

Of what importance is faith to our Salvation
Of what importance is faith to our Salvation?

Is Faith necessary for Salvation?

Faith is the Christian journey path; we climb a ladder, one step higher each day, without seeing any ladder actually, that is Faith! Since salvation comes first to know God, you walk on the path of faith, you cannot see this path, but you believe you are walking on that holiness highway by “Faith.” To be saved, faith is necessary; why?

Faith is the highest point of belief. Man needs to believe in the Trinity, the Sovereign being, the Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent God, because he can not see him while in the flesh.

The ordinary man cannot know these things except his Soul is saturated and made to be of the Spirit; then he can walk with God on that highway of holiness by and by.

Faith is important for salvation to occur because once a man believes, as in John 3:16, he is taking the steps towards knowing God. By this, he receives salvation by Faith and grows in it by Faith and Grace.

Faith is the only way that guarantees men of believing God’s existence since he is invisible and invincible.

It is necessary for salvation because the Spirit gives it; we know that man is tripartite; he has the body, spirit, and soul. Once his soul desires God, he is given Faith through God’s spirit, and by that, his spirit aligns with God’s because of Hebrews 11:6.

From Romans 10:10, we see that it is the heart that makes man believe unto righteousness; man uses his mouth to confess, but his heart, that inner man where his faith works will have to be sure that he is now righteous, by this, he can be sure of his being saved.

If any does not believe in God who he cannot see, there is no way he will have Faith in Him, more reason why the Psalmist says, the fool says in his heart that there is no God; that is where it starts, from the heart.

Why is man charged to walk by Faith and not by Eye-sight?

Faith sight will make you believe in the verse that says, “with God all things are possible,” and you continue without fear; eyesight will make doubt come in since all the things are not seen and may appear unreal. Anyone walking with God must have Faith in him that he can do all things.

During the time of the apostles and disciples of Jesus, there was a time that they cried, “Lord, increase our Faith.” That was when Jesus told them to forgive their brother (anyone) who trespasses against them seven times a day. He keeps saying, “I repent,” that can be hard on man’s flesh, anger will surely kindle, that shows that they spoke out of the willingness of self and flesh, but Christ was showing them the ways of His father; why couldn’t they take it? Weak faith, effortless, using faith in the flesh, can and will not work.

Once a man gets saved through his faith, faith will channel him through the entire race. It will serve as his victory because it is the shield of a believer to face the enemy (Ephesians 6:16) over the world.

“Once Faith fails, nothing else will function.”

“Faith cannot be operated by a man of the flesh but one who operates in the supernatural.”

“Faith is not a philosophy, but a relationship with God by building absolute trust in him.”

Does Faith brings Salvation?

Yes, if you ONLY believe the Lord, Jesus; THOU SHALT BE SAVED

Faith and Salvation

How can I give my life to Christ?

We are so glad you are taking this bold step of faith into Salvation; Heaven rejoice greatly with you. The following steps are necessary for genuine repentance and Salvation of your soul:

  1. Confess all your faults to the Lord, both the secret and open ones. Tell Him you are sorry; be grateful that he loved you despite your sinful state. Do this genuinely; it is CRUCIAL.
  2. Believe God can forgive all sins; he is all-forgiving and a compassionate Father; this is a benefit you can enjoy; it is not for a particular set of people. Jesus also died for your sins; you are not the WORST OF SINNERS.
  3. Tell God you accept Him into your heart; tell him to be your Father, friend, confidant, and Lover. Allow him to come into your heart. When you do, you will feel peace within you.
  4. Say this prayer after; Lord, I thank you for sending your only son, Jesus, to die for my sins. Thank you for this overflowing love that you have provided for me. I believe you have forgiven my sins; I believe my sins have been washed away by your blood. Thank you, Father, because you will hold me through this journey even until the end. In Jesus’ name, I pray. (Amen).

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