Should a Christian celebrate Valentine_ 10 and more reasons why not

Should a Christian celebrate Valentine? 10 and more reasons why not

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There is nothing wrong with celebrating Valentine; it is just a day, made special and popular. Valentine’s Day is among the most popular Christian holidays in the world today. However, what’s popular does not automatically mean it’s acceptable to God. (

I did my research, reached out to close friends, and these were my questions to them:

  • Is Valentine Celebration a sin?
  • What should a Christian stand be on this?
  • How can Christians ‘celebrate’ valentine?
  • What are you planning to do on that day?

Some of the answers, I hope it blesses you (I added some audios also)


What can a Christian do on Valentine?

  1. Show Christ-like to others
  2. Share the gospel with people
  3. Take time out with the family
  4. Pray for sinners around you
  5. Read a book
  6. Send Scripture verses message to people; this will guide: Bible verses on God’s love

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