When God is not answering Prayers

When God is not answering Prayers?

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We had just finished our evening devotion when my husband announced that we would be going for our yearly programme in two days’ time.

“Alright sir, I will start preparing with my kids,” she said smiling mischievously as she looked toward me. It was my husband’s other wife who had a way of reminding me that I didn’t have any child. Just the other day, I had sent one of her sons to help me fetch some water. She yelled at him and asked me to send my own child.

It’s been years since I asked God for a child, and I just wonder why He has chosen not to grant my
desire. I sometimes wonder if He doesn’t see the humiliation and pain I have had to go through, especially at the hands of this woman.

The day came and we were headed to Shiloh.
My heart was heavy all the way there, and I refused to eat or drink.
My husband noticed my countenance and tried to cheer me up with his words, but I wasn’t having it.

When we arrived, I left everything and everyone as I went before the altar of the Lord to pour my heart into Him. No one understood how I felt and I couldn’t express myself in words as I prayed.
I have had enough.

It’s been over a year now, and my desire has been granted.

My name is Hannah, and God was preparing me for the blessing of Samuel.

Many times we spend so much time praying for a particular need,
It becomes worse when the actions of people question the power of God at work in our lives.
Sometimes we get upset, We think God doesn’t care,
“He probably wants to punish me for the wrong I did some time ago”, You say to yourself.

Dear Child of God,
Halt! Take a deep breath, and remind yourself of God’s love by thinking of His sacrifice of His only
begotten son. If He has given us Jesus, how then will He not freely give us all things? Rom8:32
His blessings are not just to make us happy, but to nurture us into the kind of Christians He wants us to be. More importantly to fulfill the reason why we were created- to bring Him glory.

And so when He sees that we are not ready for His blessings, He withholds them and trains our hearts until we are ready, through prayers and every other sacrifice we make to seek his face. Gal 4:1,2.

Let this be a reminder that God has heard your request, and He sincerely wants to give you that which you have asked of Him, but He doesn’t want you ruined or his plans destroyed.
So rather than murmur or complain, ask Him to make you ready. He’s more willing to give you that which you desire, but first HE NEEDS YOU READY.

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