An Interview with James Iroro on Daachiever Inc.

The Christian Author Interview with James Iroro- Episode 17

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Excitedly, we are wrapping up the Essence Challenge. It has been a jolly ride all along; and we hope you enjoy every episode of this challenge. Our Guest Author today is James Iroro, a broadcaster and the author of the books: Diversion and On Eagle’s Wings.

An Interview with James Iroro on Daachiever Inc.
An Interview with James Iroro on Daachiever Inc.

James tells us about his view on the popular ‘Writer’s block’ and how he was able to become a better writer by building a system. This is one episode you shouldn’t miss. 

Listen below:

Appreciation: We appreciate God for his grace and much more for the strength given during this challenge. As we wrap up this Challenge, we are sure you have learned a thing or two. Thank you for joining us, for sharing the links with your friends. We are grateful. 

From all of us at The Interview Team and Loveth Opeyemi, the organizer. 

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