5 amazing and unheard ways to make Christmas memorable as a Christian

5 amazing and unheard ways to make Christmas memorable as a Christian

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Do you know what makes Christmas memorable is the season itself?

Yes, the season makes Christmas so special. It is the season whereby we celebrate the birth of the Son of God and the Savior of the world (the one who reconciled man back to God).

Although there are different ways Christmas is celebrated all around the world, these are 5 amazing ways to make Christmas memorable.


Christmas is a season to celebrate Jesus’ birth (Isaiah 9:6). In other words, Jesus is the reason for the season. The main purpose for the birth of Jesus is to die for the sins of men. And yes, the purpose has been fulfilled many years ago. Those who believed in the name of Jesus, He gave the power to become children of God (John 1:12). Therefore, as children of God, we are expected and mandated to preach Christ to others every time (Mark 16:15).

Preaching Christ on the day His birth is celebrated all over the world makes it special because it is an avenue to tell people about Christ in places that do not know about Jesus. Yes, that’s just the truth! So many people have not heard the name of Jesus therefore preaching Christ to them makes it more special. Also, some people just celebrate and see Christmas as a normal festival. This set of people needs sensitization on what Christmas entails and this can only be done when the gospel is preached!


Christmas is celebrated because Jesus died for men out of His love for them. He bore the shame and was trampled on the floor because of His love for men. If He had not shown His love through death, there would never be a season called Christmas. We love Him because He first loved us (1 John 4: 19) and through this, His love is shown to others in our lives. Understanding and acknowledging Christ’s love in our lives makes it easier to love others by putting a smile on people’s faces every time, especially on Christmas day. It expresses the love of Christ to others.


The best way to show love to other people on Christmas day is by giving or sharing gifts. By doing so, you are replicating what Jesus Christ did to you. You do not share gifts merely because it is Christmas; you give because Jesus gave Himself to you! Also, it is important to note that you are to give every time you are opportune to and not only on Christmas day. In a nutshell, do not give because it’s Christmas rather give with the understanding of Christ’s love by giving Himself to you.


Rending worship to Jesus for who He is and His essence to humanity makes Christmas special. Singing worship to God makes Him happy since He inhabits the praises of His people. Remember, all this should be done with the whole of your heart. It is important to note that worship is not only singing to God from one’s mouth but also presenting one’s body as holy and acceptable unto God which is undoubtedly one’s reasonable worship.


Having understood that Jesus is the reason for the season calls for celebration. Christmas has always been a season where families and loved ones come together to jubilate and express joy and pure happiness to each other. I remembered when I was young, my family and I would travel to the village to celebrate the beautiful season with grandma, grandpa, uncles, and aunties and this makes it memorable. In fact, that is the reason I am sharing it with you now. Of course, it is not a sin to celebrate Christmas.

Just because it has been bastardized does not mean Christmas can’t be celebrated. The most important thing is celebrating Christmas with understanding — understanding that Jesus is the reason for the season. Also, if you are not celebrating Christmas with your family or loved ones, you can celebrate it by visiting orphanage homes, the prisoners, widows, and many more people that are deprived of not celebrating Christmas with their loved ones or family. Christmas is a beautiful season but the way you celebrate it determines if it would be memorable or not.

I believe with these five amazing ways mentioned above, Christmas should be special to you as a Christian.

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