5 journalling ideas for Christmas this season

5 journalling ideas for Christmas this season

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Christmas is here again! I strongly believe that you want to make this Christmas season a unique and fulfilling one with your family.

Trust me, you will enjoy this season gleefully with the following journaling ideas. Journalling is a written account of an event by expressing one’s thoughts in a diary or journal using pen and paper or a mobile gadget. Oftentimes, we forget many vital events or information due to how busy our schedules are, but by penning down our thoughts we tend to rekindle the memory.

During this Christmas season, here are 5 journaling ideas you should consider:

1. Define Your Daily Goals

There’s never a day without thinking of the goals to achieve especially in this festive season. Knowing what you want to achieve and writing them down gives you relief. Arrange them in order of preference and start with the difficult task. Others will become easier.

2. Journal Your Challenges

As you strive towards achieving your goals, you will be faced with challenges. Write them in your journal instead of allowing them to weigh you down. Sometimes challenges are not as serious as the brain thinks. Seeing your challenges in written form relieves you of negative energy.

3. Brainstorm Possible Solutions

To Your ChallengesInstead of brooding over your challenges, channel that energy into seeking possible solutions. Worrying won’t provide what you need. Research and write down related solutions to your challenges.

4. Journal Your Daily Achievement

It is important to write down your daily achievements. This is a form of motivation and an accolade for a job well done. Knowing your daily achievement makes it easier to go for the next task.

5. Journal What You Are Grateful For Every day before going to bed

Overcoming a challenge is something to be grateful for. Not all days are productive and eventful, but there’s one thing that makes your day a fulfilling one. Ensure you write it in your journal. The Importance of journaling in our daily affairs cannot be over-emphasized as it leads to new insights that transform our lives positively; mental well-being improvement provides a place to show gratitude, helps you scale through challenges, and helps you accomplish goals.

Many people find it difficult to pen down their thoughts either due to a lack of confidence, fear of being ridiculed, or procrastination. Don’t beat yourself up!

I will share how to begin journaling with helpful online resources. Journalling is easy if you follow these ideas, especially for beginners.

1. Know the writing techniques that work for you. Some people are comfortable using pen and paper while others make use of writing applications like Evernote.

2. Find a place you find comfortable writing. People find it comfortable in a noisy area. Some are more energetic in a quiet corner while some make do with music.

3. Create a routine for writing. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when you will be inspired or motivated to write. What if it doesn’t come at all? Manage your time and set a schedule for writing.

4. Write anything that comes to your mind. Don’t take it professionally. You’re writing for your eyes alone. Don’t fret. No one will ridicule you. Write as the thoughts flow.

5. Use journal prompts. This is to help you overcome writer’s block. Research online and get your thoughts together. Evernote, Journey, Dabble me, Answerthepublic, and Grammarly are the online’s resources that will aid in journaling your thoughts.

Journaling is an important habit you must inculcate as a lifestyle most especially during the Christmas season which is full of activities. Never allow a day to pass without writing about your experience in a journal.

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