How To Share the Gospel During Christmas

5 Ways To Share The Gospel of Christ This Christmas

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The celebration of the birth of Christ has been placed on a specific day called Christmas. It is a Christian holiday when everyone around the globe recognizes the arrival of Christ. The fact and truth are that Jesus came as God’s provision for man’s salvation, even though some people do not believe in celebrating Christmas because they think it is a pagan holiday with no biblical foundation. However, this merits acknowledgment.

Since a day has been designated to commemorate Christ’s birth throughout the cosmos, we should rejoice in it and seize the chance to share the gospel with others.

Why Should We Share the Gospel During Christmas?

The Christmas season has always been seen as a time for family gatherings, food, and, of course, presents. This is admirable, but sharing the good news of Christ with them is the best gift we can give them this holiday season.

The finest time to share the gospel with people is during the Christmas season since it is all about Jesus. Sharing tangible gifts isn’t the only aspect of the Christmas celebration. The greatest treasure that God has given to humanity should be shared more than anything else.

Christians are commanded to take advantage of every chance to convey the gospel message through the power of the Holy Spirit. We have been given a big commission (Matthew 21:18–20), and one of the simplest and most natural ways to carry out this commission is over Christmas.

It gives those who are willing to listen the chance to receive enough grace to start believing in Jesus Christ and His atonement when we share the gospel testimony with others throughout the Christmas season. With this faith, we offer them the desire to turn from their sins and find salvation.

Men should be saved from their sins, which is the main purpose of Christ’s birth. Accordingly, when we spread the good news throughout Christmas, souls are rescued, bringing joy to heaven (Matthew 1: 18–21; Luke 15:7).

As a result, we should take spreading the gospel around Christmas far more seriously than anything else.

How To Share the Gospel During Christmas

How To Share the Gospel During Christmas

The account of how the shepherd spread the good news of Christ’s birth in Luke Chapter Two is one of my favourite biblical tales. They were the first evangelists as a result. Christmas is more about spreading the good news than anything else. Knowing how to convey the Christ-birth testimony during this season could appear to be one challenging thing.

For this reason, I’ve included five simple Christmastime ways to spread the good news.

1. Begin With Prayer

As Christians, prayer is one of our main instruments of power. Through it, we can enact God’s will in men’s hearts and lead them to Christ. Jesus also prayed before he began to preach, “Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand.” He fasted and prayed for forty nights. Since the will of God is that men be saved, one good way you can share the gospel is to pray. Before you set out on evangelism on Christmas Day, make sure you commit the hearts of men to God in prayers.

Ask the Lord to cause the name of Christ to be lifted so that many souls can be drawn unto Him. The place of prayer cannot be overemphasized in propagating the gospel of Christ during Christmas. Make sure you pray before you begin to share the good news. This makes it easier for the gospel to be preached

2. Evangelism

This can be achieved in different ways. You can decide to go out in a team with some other persons or volunteer to join other evangelism groups. Another way is to share tracts, pamphlets, magazines, and books that talk about the atoning work of Christ. Also, you can organize film shows. At the film shows, movies like The Passion of the Christ may be shown. As you go out, let this mind be in you that Christ is the focus of Christmas. So wherever you go, let the message of Christ be preached.

3. Organize and Invite People to a Christmas Party

This is another good way to share the gospel during Christmas. When you tell some people that you are inviting them to a Christmas party, they get excited.

At the party, you can talk about your salvation experience and make them see why they need to give their lives to Christ.

4. Share Gifts

Sharing gifts is one major way of extending the love of Christ to others. When you share gifts with people, you make them feel loved. This will eventually allow you to pick up a gospel conversation with them. Since you have shown them, love, they will be ready to listen to you. Through the conversation, the light of God can be shed abroad in their hearts.

5. Use the Internet

We are in an internet generation where virtually everything gets done online. During this season, you can grab the opportunity to use your social media platforms to preach the gospel of Christ. You may decide to create content about Jesus or perform a spoken word that communicates the message of the gospel. The internet is a tool that the devil is using to propagate darkness, but as the light of the world, we can employ this platform as a means of preaching the gospel. With the five ways stated above, you can share the gospel effectively during Christmas, even if you find it difficult to do so.

The Essence of Sharing the Gospel During Christmas

Now that we know that Christmas is all about sharing the gospel of Christ, what is the essence of sharing the gospel during Christmas? The truth is that love is the essence of the gospel. John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever
believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

One reason God gave us Jesus is because of love. He gave Him to us as a precious gift to save us from our sins, whose penalty is eternal death. This is the very essence of the gospel. So when we share the gospel of Christ during Christmas, we are automatically sharing the love of God. We are sharing that gift of love that God gave to save the dying human race.

Since Christ is the essence of the gospel, we should therefore make Him the center and focus of everything we do during Christmas.

To conclude, there is nothing better than sharing Christ during Christmas. He is the reason we celebrate Christmas; therefore, whatever we share during this season should be focused on Him. May the grace to point people to Christ this Christmas rest upon us in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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