A Christmas Love story

A Christmas Love Story

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The book of Genesis tells us a story of how the Supreme God created and made the universe. To care for the universe, He created a man in his image named Adam. Adam had complete dominion over everything God created. More than that, Adam and his wife Eve were in perfect fellowship with God.

In the cool of the evening, God would always visit them to fellowship. There was no barrier or hindrances to their fellowship. The fellowship continued until it was broken by the sin of disobedience. Adam and his wife Eve fell for the trick of the devil and they were corrupted. Due to this corruption, they were evacuated from their first home the garden of Eden. Sin broke their fellowship with God.

Adam and Eve multiplied outside the garden but their seed inherited the corrupt nature of sin. This
nature made their first son Cain kill his younger brother Abel out of envy. The son of men continued in sin and wicked disobeying and despising their creator. Despite the wickedness of man, God keeps reaching out in love.

In the days of Noah, the wickedness of men rose to the peak and God sent a word to Noah asking him to build an ark that will save men from the coming danger(flood). As the Supreme God; His words never return to Him void but love restrained Him from instant execution of judgment without putting a rescue measure in place. He had the power to send the rain immediately but He did not until the ark was completed.

His love for men was stronger than his anger towards the sin of men. He was more interested in saving men than judging sin. Noah in obedience moved to build the ark as instructed. He also went about warning men of the impending danger but they laughed at him and never listened. Before sending the rain, God instructed Noah to bring his family and the animals into the ark. God proved his love again as he watched patiently as the creatures entered the ark.

Immediately they all entered, He shut the door himself and sent down rain. Can you imagine how shocked men could have been when the rain started from Day 1 nonstop till Day 40? The entire humanity was wiped off save Noah and his family. Due to the devastating effect of the flood and the sacrifice of thanksgiving Noah offered, God promised never to destroy the world again with rain, as a seal of his promise, He gave us the rainbow which reminds him of his promise. Now, one would have thought this experience was enough to keep Noah in righteousness but no, soon he was given to drunkenness.

The problem of sin was not solved even after the mass destruction, men continued in their wickedness. God wanted men to come back to the state of fellowship, He introduced laws to His people and the sacrifice of animals such as lambs to make for sin but none was effective. Men kept breaking and bending the laws to suit their selfish aim. To deal with the problem of sin once and for all, God had to send His only Son, Jesus. God in his infinite knowledge knows the end of men if not rescued. He did not want the crown of his creatures and image to be lost forever so He sent his only Son to rescue men by paying the supreme price for sin, death.

In the book of john, chapter 3 verse 16, the Holy Book tells us of the great love of God that cost Him and His son.” For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.” KJV

How beautiful to know that the Son of God loves men as much as the Father; God. Without argument, the Supreme creator embarked on the journey. A king became a baby in the worm he created just to become the final sacrifice for the sin of men. The king was born in a lonely manger, angels herald his birth. He grew and walked the earth doing good to men until the time for the fulfillment of his assignment; dying to save humanity.

On the night before the long walk to calvary, He felt so much pain as reality hit Him. The King who has always been served is to be treated like a criminal. The one who has seen the glory and majesty of the Father was to be tortured by the same people He created. He knelt before the Father praying; His sweat became as thick as blood. He wished the cup to pass over Him but amidst the agony, He submitted to the will of his Father.

After praying, He returned to his disciples and he was betrayed with a Kiss. The king was beaten with many stripes, he was spat on, he was crowned with thorns, he drank vinegar, he was pierced on the side and when all was done, He gave up the ghost and the veil; the symbol of separation was torn from top to bottom removing the barrier between God and humanity. Through his sacrifice, many who believed were brought back to fellowship with God, and grace to live a godly life was made available.

In this season of Christmas, we mark and celebrate the Love of the Supreme God who gave His Son to redeem us and a Son who in obedience submitted to the will of the Father. Therefore, like Christ let’s spread love to all around us and most importantly reciprocate the love of God. How can we reciprocate the Love of God? We can by surrendering our lives to him and getting saved from sin by His blood. I pray the wonders of the season; salvation becomes your experience.

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