And being not weak in Faith

And Being Not Weak in Faith: Lessons from Romans 4:19

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          I often wonder what the phrase ‘being not weak in faith’ in Romans 4:19 meant. What does being weak in faith means? Is it when a person doubts God and trust in their power? I believe, the answer to this question lies in Romans 4:19-22, but alongside, contributions will be welcomed in the comment box

Abraham was called the father of faith, and to further elaborate the question ‘How Believers can be strong and not weak in faith?’. We will briefly study the life of Abraham, as illustrated in our focus Bible verses (Romans 4:19-22).

How was Abraham not weak in Faith?

Abraham was old, and so was his wife; this is a factor that could hinder trust in God because naturally speaking; both were past the age of childbearing, if not him, but his wife. Abraham didn’t allow weakness in his faith; the Bible records that he considered not the weakness in his own body, neither the deadness of Sarah’s womb.

Of many things that hinder total trust in God, is when we consider our environment, body changes, impossibility surrounding the situation above what God can do? In my book, where is your Faith? It was a story about a young woman, newly wedded, and then, the worst thing happened. Her father died, and some hours after, the husband was involved in a ghastly car accident; he was declared brain dead.

That was a weakness in the husband’s body, but the wife learned to trust in God, not considering the weakness in her husband’s body.

When we begin to give attention to our body, surroundings, the words of people like in the case of Job’s friends more than faith in God, we are weak in faith.

In verse 20, after Abraham did not consider his own body nor that of his wife, he did something else again; he staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief but was strong in faith, giving glory to God. This verse is loaded, many doubt God’s promises in the Bible. How so soon do we forget the word of God that says His word shall not return unto him void until it has performed that which He commands. But, sadly, we make it void when we stagger at God’s promises.

Even while he didn’t stagger at God’s promise, he gave glory to God knowing well He was able to fulfill that which he hath promised him. How often do we praise God in our trying days? When it seems answers are delayed to our prayers, and yet we are holding tightly to God’s promise, do we give glory to God? Or do we praise him only when our request is granted? Every believer, you and I must not only learn to hold unto God’s promise but must praise Him also.

Abraham was fully persuaded in God, and it was imputed to him for righteousness, he got his request because he was not weak in faith.

This article as brief as it could, can be summarized as this:

How to know you are not being weak in faith

How to know you are not being weak in faith

Step 1: You don’t consider the situations surrounding you at all. You look away from them, casting your eyes upon Jesus. You aren’t perturbed at all

Step 2: It is a thing to know and quote God’s words and promises by the book, but it is best when we don’t stagger at God’s promises for us. It is commonly said that whatsoever you confess if you believe i.e., not staggering, you will surely receive them.

Step 3: When you believe in God’s promise already, do not forget to give glory to God always in all things. Quite hard, I must confess; I have been through that; that was why I wrote the book Where is Your Faith? It was a reminder of God’s goodness to me in the storms of life

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Step 4: When all the above steps are fulfilled with all your heart. The Bible said in the case of Abraham that it was imputed unto him for Righteousness because he was fully persuaded in God’s promise, no wonder, he is a living example to contemporary believers. Keep holding unto God’s word; your answer is on its way; don’t give up, look up; for your testimony might be a step up and an encouragement to someone around you.

What other key factors do you think corresponds with the phrase ‘And being not weak in faith.’ What determines our weakness with our faith in God? I will love to hear from you.

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