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At the Pool of Bethesda Episode 1- A Bible Story

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For several years, I was laden with sorrow, burdened with grief, hopeless and dejected. I sought for help but I couldn’t find. The icy fingers of death crept my spine as I gnashed my teeth in pains.

I laid down at the poolside, watching many impotent folks got healed of their infirmities, the moment they stepped into the pool after the troubling of the water.

But there I was, unable to go in because of my infirmity, and no one was willing to help me in.

Then, a gentleman walked up to me.
“He must be an Angel!” I thought to myself.

“Will you be made whole?” He questioned!

Poor me! I gave excuses of my limitations. How I couldn’t find anyone to get me inside the pool whenever the Angel troubled the water.

I thought He only came to help, little did I know He came to do something beyond my imagination!

Until He said to me, Rise! Take up the bed, And Walk!

Lessons to learn from At the Pool of Bethesda Episode 1

At the pool of Bethesda- A Bible story

Here was a man who had an infirmity for thirty eight years lying down at the pool side where he could get healed, but his infirmity denied him access to the pool.

• Many spiritual lives are similar to that impotent man who had been at the poolside for a long time but never entered the pool. They have always been in Church yet lack the living church inside them.

How long have you been thronging around Jesus, yet you have never made an attempt to touch Him like that woman with the issue of blood?

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Who brought the man to the pool?

Can’t the person help him get inside the pool?

How could he not get someone perhaps a member of his family to help him into the pool whenever the Angel troubled the water?

• There is always a limit to what man can do for you. They can only help you find the way but cannot follow you to your destination. Sometimes you need to break out of your limitations and dare to get things done!

Jesus came and asked him, “Will you be made whole?” Does He have to ask despite the apparent unpleasant condition of that man? But, that was Jesus, You ask, even when he knows.

• God is not moved by your tears, but by your willingness to be free plus faith.

How willing are you to come off this religious lifestyle and enter into a living relationship with God?

The man had the desire, the heart cry for healing though he lack the strength to effect it.

Did you also notice he was not expecting any form of healing without entering the pool?

Have you stereotyped God in your mind that you don’t see any reason to go deeper into fellowship with Him, other than church programs and those “once in a while” religious prayers?

The poor man kept making excuses, pitying himself and all.

• Some of us excuse our failures like that man. God had used someone to bring you to Christ, how have you been maximizing the Grace that has been offered since you become saved?

Then the story continues, Jesus said to him;

Was it that simple?

And here comes the result that gets the world to marvel; just by the three weighty Prophetic Declaration from the Master Himself.

As I took a keen look at the three words spoken by Jesus to this man, I saw the offer of Divine Strength to a WILLING but FEEBLE heart to carry out his or her responsibilities in fulfilling Divine Mandate.

Rise! Take up thy bed! And walk!

Is somebody not curious about why Jesus decides to overrule the norms of putting somebody into the pool after the Angel troubles the water in the case of this man?

We shall continue in the next part

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