Do you know your bible well?

Do you know your Bible well? Bible Quiz Questions

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How well do you know your Bible? We created a short bible trivia quiz to test your knowledge of the Bible. Before you take the quiz, read the importance of Bible quizzes

Why is Bible Quiz important?
  1. Quizzes test your knowledge and make you more knowledgeable: taking a Bible quiz is a way to test your Bible knowledge. To get to know how much you know about the things in the Bible, the best way to find out is to take a Bible quiz, and what you score upon taking the quiz is a good reflection of your Bible knowledge base.
  2. Quizzes can help you to have a positive attitude toward learning: Even if you take a Bible quiz and fail, you are better off than the one who has not taken it, because, if nothing at all, your failure makes you realize that you are not studying the Bible well enough; and this realization can induce you to have a positive attitude toward studying the Bible.
  3. Quizzes help one to develop the habit of reading patiently and carefully: Quizzes can help us to correct this mistake of ours. If you were to take a quiz on every piece of content you read, that would have made you read carefully and patiently with the quest to understand every word, every sentence, or every line of the content so that nothing important would escape your attention.  So Quizzes help us develop the attitude of reading patiently and carefully so that we would make the most of the content. Culled from: Salvationcall

Take the quiz, we wish you the best. If you enjoyed the quiz, please share it with your friends

How well do you know your bible
What is the fourth book in the Old Testament?
Where did Jesus proclaim ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven’?
Who helped Jesus carry his cross?
God created Eve out of clay. True/False
Finish this proverb: "Where there is no vision, ..."
Who said, "But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ."?
Who was the only woman mentioned by name with the apostles in the upper room waiting for the promise of the Holy Spirit?
Which books come before and after the gospel according to Luke?
How did Mephiboseth become lame?
Who was the king to die by the hand of a woman in her tent?
Who was the first queen in the Bible?
What’s the final book in the Old Testament called?
David has how many brothers?
Who is one of Cain's brothers?
God first spoke to Moses from a ______?
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