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Book Review: How You Can Know The Will Of God by Kenneth Hagin

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A lady had two guys proposing marriage to her. One was a billionaire who was handsome in his own right. The other was not rich, but he could take care of her. Both loved God which was the priority for her, but she didn’t know whom God wants her to end up with — the billionaire or the not- too- rich guy who both loved the lord.

Have you ever been at a place where you are confused on what God wants of you? Have you tried everything within your capacity to get something, but it eluded you? This can be in form of an excellent result(for students), good financial stand(for workers), and a lover (for those of marriageable age). Then, did you conclude that God didn’t want you to have it? Are you at that point where you are perplexed, and all you can ask is, “God, why? What exactly do you want for me? Is this your will for my life?”

Well, I was at that point too, confused, so I picked this book in search for how to know what God wants to accomplish at that season of my life. Kenneth Hagin started this 32-paged book by describing a man’s spirit as the candle of the lord. He illustrated that man is a tripartite being — spirit, soul and body. God guides us through our spirit because this is the real us.

So, to know what God is saying concerning a situation, we have to look within. Not judge by our physical senses or circumstances.

Therefore, the only way we can understand what God is doing in a season is when we become spirit-conscious. When we try to gauge or explain our circumstances with our mind, we will always be eluded of God’s plan for us because our understanding is part of our soul. He admonished that we should never go by our feelings because if we do, then, we are going to be in trouble. Our feeling is the voice of our body. We shouldn’t go by reason either because it is the voice of our soul or mind. Conscience is the voice of the spirit, and that should be what we follow.

Sometimes, we tend to put a fleece before God to know his will. A fleece is always in the form of this: God if this happens, then I know it is from you. Let’s use the story of the lady above to drive home a point. So, at a crossroad, she might decide to say, “God, if the billionaire is for me, let him buy me a car tomorrow to express his love for me and if not, let the not-so-rich guy buy me a purse if he is the one.” More often than not, fleeces don’t work. Let’s assume they both bought the items for her, she will even be more confused. The author at this point, told a story of a time he placed a fleece before God. It was a comic-relief for he was fleeced. People give excuses like, “Yes, Gideon did it.” Remember, we are not living in that age. The devil is wiser now. He knows how to make people walk out of the will of God.

I have noticed that most times when we embark on anything significant, especially one that has to do with our destiny, God always sends his word, but if we come to the point where his word seems not to be manifesting, then we need to be patient and keep reminding Him of his promises. In other words, when we want to actually know the will of God, let’s remind him of his word.

Not that God is one who forgets things, just that our circumstances is a training ground to test our faith in God. Meditating and speaking God’s word over and over again builds our faith.

Do you want to walk in the perfect will of the lord, but don’t know how to go about it? God wants the best for us, but when this best doesn’t come, how do we know if it is our faith that is being tested, or the devil is at his game again? What if he has been speaking all along, showing us what he wants for us, but we’ve been blinded by the cares of this world. To get an answer to that perplexing question, then you need to read this book. In conclusion, don’t just know how to know the will of God. Apply it to that situation. God speaks. He does, really.

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