Christmas-inspired movies for Christians: Five must watch

Christmas-inspired movies for Christians: Five must watch

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Christmas comes with a lot of love, faith, peace, and unity to homes and individuals and prepares our hearts to celebrate the newborn King.

Christmas celebrations with your family will not be complete without everyone staying together to watch movies as a way of strengthening family bonds during this period.

These movies are a must-watch for every family as they don’t only portray Godly values but also describe the importance of love, faith in God and one another, unity, and peace.

1. A Naija Christmas

This movie was directed by Kunle Afolayan and is the first Christmas-themed movie in Nigeria. In this movie, we see siblings, three brothers precisely who all wanted to fulfill their mother’s wish and inherit the family house by bringing a woman home as she wanted grandchildren. The two older brothers tried out ways to fulfill their mother’s wish using the wrong approaches that never worked although they both found love.

The first son who was a chronic playboy was converted by a church girl who adhered to the church’s principles of dating. The younger brothers portrayed love for their elder brother as they helped him clear his debt and returned his furniture and other properties collected by the loan shark. This movie teaches us about love for family, helping one another in a bit to grow, and being open to finding love.

2. The Princess Switch

This is one fun-filled movie that keeps you glued to your screen till the end. It’s a story of a Royal fiance named Lady Magaret who switched places with a baker named Stacey when they ran into each other a few days before Christmas. Stacey is a normal girl who came to the city for a baking competition and hopes to win so she could bake for the Prince’s wedding while lady Margaret wants to experience what it means to be a normal girl and the freedom that comes with it.

Despite the disappointment of her mixer being cut out during the competition, she never gave up and she eventually won the competition. This goes a long way to tell us that dreams are valid and the need fòr us to keep pushing no matter what happens on the way. After they switched, Stacey fell in love with the Prince and was visiting the orphanage homes with the Prince to give gifts to the children showing love, and giving them a sense of belonging.

On the other hand, the Duchess also fell in love with Stacey’s assistant who had a daughter that loved her too. The Prince proposed to Stacey even after discovering she was not the Duchess, he had come to love her for who she was, and for the first time in the kingdom, the coronation was made public because of Stacey. They both lived the lives they wanted as each found love and lived happily ever after.

3. Christmas in Miami

This is a comedy movie directed by Robert Peters it involves bringing six families from six different countries with different cultures to spend the week together till Christmas in Miami. Although it’s centered on a live competition, any group or country that wins will go home with a whopping sum. This made the movie fun and interesting with the way the Nigeria team was going about it. The story depicts cultural unification and love which denotes the Christmas season irrespective of race or color.

It teaches us that love transcends colour and race and we should always look beyond race when dealing with humans.

4. This Christmas

The story is centered around a family that has not met for about four years and everyone comes home with some sort of drama. The first daughter who her husband was exploiting and cheating on wanted her to convince her family to sell the family business so he can use the money for his business. One of the sons raps and is into debt, the other one is married to a white lady and doesn’t want his family to know about it, and the last girl is a Harvard graduate who can barely make a nice meal for the family and comes home with her boyfriend while the last born is aspiring to become a musician but is scared to tell his mom about it. Family drama, right?

Getting to have everyone around for Christmas is one beautiful and exciting thing and getting support from each other during challenging times is divine. They were all dealing with secrets and problems personally in their lives but regardless of all the drama they still love one another and accept each other’s weaknesses. This movie portrays the importance of families sticking together no matter the difference they might have, unity and love for one another is still the best way to show that you care.

5. One fine Christmas

This Christmas movie portrays the essence of Christmas which is family, love, and unity. Home is where the heart belongs and getting to celebrate Christmas with family is priceless. The movie showed a single mother who gets so caught up with her job and career that she sometimes forgets about the feelings of others, especially her family.

Being thoughtful and being there for family is very important and shouldn’t be taken for granted. These movies are worth seeing and I recommend them to anyone or family that wishes to sit together to have family time via watching movies because they contain practical examples of love, family unity, and peace.

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