Daachiever Inc Unveils New Magazine: In His Steps

Daachiever Inc. unveils new magazine: In His Steps

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What could be more glorifying when you can express Christ through your unique creativity?

This is one of the goals of Daachiever Inc. And as a global brand for Christ, Daachiever Inc. is set to officially launch its second magazine today.

Whether you’re a singer, writer, comic maker, fashion designer, or digital creator, In His Steps Magazine seeks to help you walk daily in the steps of Christ, regardless of your sphere of influence or busy schedule. This implies that you may not have to stand on the pulpit to walk in His Steps daily. Or hold a microphone to reveal Jesus Christ in what you do. All it takes is to read the next line.

Daachiever Inc Unveils New Magazine: In His Steps

The new magazine features Christian creatives who shared their transformational stories about the successes, failures, and rejections they’ve faced on their way up the ladder of relevance. And most especially how you could learn from their lessons.

One of the killers of Christian creativity is mental loneliness and fatigue. What would you say of a poet who is writing the beautiful lines of his suicide, yet the public could only see or find pleasure in those lines for their lack of sensitivity? The practical ways to deal with sensitive issues such as mental health, as Christian creatives were addressed in this life-changing magazine.

Also, we’re in a society where getting a white wedding gown and brown suit is easier than getting a good marriage. Divorce has become a permanent visitor in the home of couples who thought a day’s wedding is the same as a lifetime marriage—of inadequate preparation for marriage. Hence, the magazine featured a marriage interview with a Christian couple who shared their personal experiences on how to build a successful home and marriage.

Going further, the fashion industry has had its share of the blame for promoting immodesty in our dress sense. How can a Christian cut through the clutter of purity in a world of indecency? This masterpiece provides practical colours and 20 pictures that make for stunning dress sense and decency for the gentlemen.

As a unique brand that seeks to give expression to the work of art, In His Steps Magazine also features powerful book reviews, revelational articles about God’s word, and powerful comics that could serve as a healing balm for the discouraged soul or fainted heart. It provides an assurance of hope for those in uncertain seasons, to help them trust the Lord, grow in humility, and keep walking in the steps of Christ.

Download your copy of the magazine below:

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