Day Two: Quote Challenge %

  Yesterday,  I mentioned that Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship,  still on this quote; I formed today’s quote.
  The easiest thing I tell you to do in life is just sitting down and doing nothing.  But those who have got something to achieve  will find it hard to sit down and do nothing.  Get busy doing something,  don’t stay idle.
  An idle man is the devil’s workshop.  So stand up,  brace up even when tired and DO SOMETHING.
A man who does nothing is better likened to an idle man.
A man who does nothing cannot change the world
A man who does nothing is far away from greatness

So each blessed day,  do something.   Whether as a writer,  write something each day,  as a student ; read books each day.  Get busy  and start achieving.  It all depends on YOU

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