Dealing with procrastination: The way to get started

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I remember after taking stock of how I spent my year in the year 2020 I got to discover that procrastination was my major enemy. You know that spirit that says you can always do it later.

That is the spirit of procrastination and trust me it affected me greatly. But while starting 2021 I reached out to someone who has results and I was sure could help out, I was truthful with myself to her. I told her about how the spirit of procrastination has dealt with me and she helped me by providing a solution to it.

I then put this solution to practice and I enjoyed my year 2021 without procrastination. The solution is one that is almost unbelievable but trust me it works like fire. I am willing to share this solution with you all because I got to discover that many people like myself are suffering also from this procrastinating spirit.

I know there are different ways of dealing with procrastination but today I’m sharing with you only one of which I know of and which has worked great for me. TIME CONSCIOUSNESS. Yes, being conscious of time is the way I dealt with procrastination in the year 2021. How did I go about this; you may want to ask right?

Alarms. By setting alarms I was able to stay conscious of time. People who know me will testify to it that I work with alarms a lot. I set alarms on my phone for everything I want to do and I ensure to stay committed to doing whatever is attached to that alarm.

Staying time conscious is staying life conscious.

I set alarms for prayers. I set alarms for lectures. I set alarms for devotion. I set alarms for even things one cannot think of. Just think of the unthinkable I set alarms for them too. It really helped me and I believe it will help you, if only you put it to practice and stay committed to it.

A wise man once said, “Time is life”. And I want to add to it that staying time conscious is staying life conscious. Minutes roll into seconds, Seconds roll into hours, Hours roll into days, Days to weeks, Weeks to months, And finally months roll into years. The number of a man’s years is the sum of his life spent so you see that staying time conscious is staying life conscious.

In conclusion, staying time conscious helps to deal with procrastination. Try working with alarms it works beautifully. Cheers to your intentionality.

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