Do I need much?

I don’t need much,
But that my heart be filled,
With happiness and joy unending,
Just a smile on my face.
I don’t need much,
Just a little thank you,
To show am well appreciated,
Just a little love shown.
I don’t need much,
But a heart that understands,
What life had done to me,
Just a tiny space in the heart.
I don’t need much,
Just a little stretch of hand,
To show that someone cares,
Just to known am not all alone.
I don’t really need much,
Or have I ask for something big?
I need not your riches and your wishes,
Just show that you are ‘human’.
I don’t need much I say,
Let me feel the world’s love from you,
Even though its fading away,
Just be a light that shines my way with love.

I don’t crave for more,
Just craving for a soul to know,
Just how wounded I am,
Just show you care because that’s what makes us ‘human’
I am just a lost soul,
Seeking to be found,
Ye have found me,
But what have you truly given?
I tell you I don’t need much,
Or do you think I do?
Who am I you ask?
You know me because;
Am the neighbour you pass by everyday,
Without doing a ‘little thing’ for,
I never ask for anything,
But would you do a little thing for me?
                                                      ¬©Kudabo Victory 2017
                                                                    With Love….
Little is a great thing,

Little love, little smile, little thank you, little things we do that makes the world better.

  Someone is yearning beside you telling you they never need much from you, what have you done? The little things we can give are so numerous than the great things we can give out.
     Sow a little seed.

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