Falling Petals Episode 7

Some hour later…
The couples were in their room, each having a nice time. John was happily thinking of a name to call the child. Joy smiled. It was gradual, but she was learning how to forgive.
    The sound they heard made john stand up from the bed, he walked outside the room to check where the sound was coming from.
 Shortly after, he was accompanied into the room with three men each holding a gun. Joy shivered in fear.
Guns… oh God.
They were armed robbers, they reeked of alcohol. Heavily drunk.
“lie down” someone shouted among them, they complied.
They searched round the room but one of them laughed, holding a picture…
God, help us!!!
That was only what I could think of… only God
My husband had moved close to me holding my hand; ling down was difficult for me so I had to kneel with my face down.
The laughter suddenly became familiar. I have heard that sound before
So unsure of where, but I knew it was an unpleasant memory
“look up” the same man that laughed commanded
We both look up, he removed his glasses and I stared literally shocked.
red rose

No! No!! No!!!
He thought he was free from them, the cult…
But here in the house stood their leader, the same man who killed his mother and ordered the rape of Joy; though I refused at first but fate turned the tide
This isn’t happening. The look on my wife’s face told me she definitely knows who he was, but how?
Chief laughed and started talking
“So you both married”
“Wow, wow” he said clapping his hands together in surprise.
“Man, your wife looks surprised, have you told her? I mean everything?”
Told me what? Joy thought. It would be a disaster if John was still hiding something from me. Chief had once tried to rape me before but I was saved by Mark.
The chief continued talking “Did he tell you he was a cultist before?”
Of course I knew that, he told me.
“I killed his mother…” he said laughing as he smoothens the head of his gun with his hand covered in glove.
“He ran away, well I killed his mother because he failed to do what I ask him to do, you can guess why he ran? It has to do with you.” he said smirking
Me!!! I thought surprised
Joy looked at me expecting an answer, but I was too shocked to answer. Why must I encounter the man that killed my mother?
The chief walked round the room, and continued his talk
“Since I tried having my way with you but you refused, I gave him the chance to do so… well, I heard he later did rape you though not on my terms… he ran away…”
Joy looked at me shocked and hurt. I raped her that night, not only because I was drunk but I felt the frustration of my mother’s death. If I had done what the chief commanded, my mother would still be alive. I did it hoping I could return back to the cult but guilt of the hurt I caused a young girl couldn’t bring me to return.
Why should I return to the cult? I was shattered and really broken beyond repair.
My mother died, I destroyed the life of a girl; what hope do I have in the cult that killed my mother?
“So you married him, this is just unbelievably perfect.” He said smiling as the other two robbers smiled.
It was over for me. My home and marriage has finally been destroyed, joy couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.
The chief moved closed to my wife, he bent down in front of her and smiled.
Touching her face, he said “if you had allowed me then to sleep with you, this wouldn’t have happened”
Joy slapped his hand away from his face, spitting at him. He wiped the saliva with anger. He rose up, pointing the gun to her
I moved and stood in front of my wife, the chief was drunk and angry. He had been drunk the day he killed his mother. Not his wife this time around, No; not again.
“I must revenge, no one runs away from me; you ran away John and here you are after knowing so much” he said adjusting the gun.
“Just don’t touch my wife” I pleaded. She was pregnant. Killing her will mean killing two
The sound of the police siren alerted them and in a bid to escape. He fired.
Revenge is a thing that must be achieved in cultism.
I was slowly dying; all I could remember were my wife’s teary face. I had hurt this woman a lot… I don’t deserve her. Had I told her the truth from the beginning, perhaps the story might change?
I had to return home on time, my dream about my father’s death. I had told my mother before I travelled some months ago, she assured me that all would be well.
I suddenly remembered tonight, so I left my friend hurriedly returning home.
It was death by the gun as in my dream. So I dialed the police.
I ran to my parent’s bedroom, and saw my dad bleeding profusely. It happened…
Before the ambulance came, my dad was gone. Just like that…
                       PRESENT DAY
A week later,
My mother fought against death, she was slowly dying and I was afraid my dreams were coming true.
She called me that faithful afternoon “I… am dying child… am af…raid your dream is coming true… she said coughing.
Suddenly, my mother became ill, and it became worse. She had dissuaded the thought of going to the hospital.
“I can’t tell you all, but I left some no…tes in… the bed…room; I have done a lot of wrong in life, but I am glad to have a daughter like you” she said touching my face.
I couldn’t control my tears, was my mother really dying. She wiped away my tears and smiled. “I have to rest” she said and that was the end.
“Mum, mum” I cried shaking her body hoping she would open her eyes but it was late
“I am sorry for doubting you, I am sorry for being stubborn, I am sorry, I… will change so just come back to me” I cried and wailed but it was over.
My mother was truly gone.
Really God? I cursed at God for being so cruel to me
Why me? My father, my mother and the baby… why?
 Two weeks later…
I had just recovered the strength to eat, friends and families were around but I missed my parents the more.
I rose up and walked to my parent’s room. It was left untouched.
On the drawer, I saw a letter
Addressed to me
Dear Juliana,
          I know I am dying, so I felt the need to make this right. Remember, I love you no matter what; how I lived my life, I don’t want you to live just as I lived.
   I was like you when I was young, I hated and despised God for giving me parents like mine who abandoned me with an abusive uncle. I was always molested and abused. Growing up, I met a pastor, I thought he would be a help but he was after my body; that made me hate God and pastors the more. I had an unpleasant teenage life. Then I met your father(smiles), I was attracted to him, even though he was a pastor, he was different. So I married him. But I have discovered some ugly truth for some months now; your father had raped me when I was young; he is your real father, don’t be surprised, but I felt hurt. I tried forgiving him but I couldn’t; the baby is alive… I couldn’t bring myself to nurse a child, especially his child. I felt hurt. Soon I will die, you reading this means am dead but darling, never build a life built on secrets; that same secret shattered your father and me. I am loyal to him, the guy I hugged that day was a friend who was travelling soon; his name is Mark and he would take care of you, those messages were spam messages I never replied from a foreign guy who hooked up with me through the internet. You should have asked me if you felt burdened. Take care of your baby brother.  I want you to name him John, as a remembrance of your father who loved me and you; I was happy I married him (wipe tears); my baby boy…I checked him once in a while but right now I miss my child. My decision might be stupid but Juliana don’t become like me. Forgive easily and don’t keep secret that could destroy. Love and trust God; he is faithful despite our unfaithfulness… I love you and am sure your dad loved you…we both are proud of you
Yours only, Joy Brigs
I cried, my parents were broken but yet loved me.
My father did his best, my mother tried her best.
They are both gone, perhaps they would have been alive if only the truth of the past could be told before it was late. I missed them, but I made up my mind to live differently
The next day, I went to the orphanage home to pick my brother, I carried the baby walking out into the sun.
The baby was asleep in my arms, he had no idea of who his parents were; but I will tell him they were wonderful parents who truly loved him. He was all I had and I vowed to keep him safe.
Am still learning to trust God again, hoping to find hope for my soul.
I missed my parents but I was grateful they were my parents no matter what could have happened in the past.
I entered into the cab, holding my baby brother with so much love; staring blankly into the sky with a smile on my face.

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