Falling Petals

  Pleased to announced  the introduction of my own first novel titled : FALLING PETALS


Bleak darkness surrounded her, she cowered in fear of what was ahead of her; all she could hear was the sound of the ticking clock and the incoming footsteps coming from the thick darkness.

Who could it be?

The steps coming were fainting gradually as she moved closer, she couldn’t hear anything nor see anything but darkness. Then she heard a sob, where was it coming from? The room was large and yet she couldn’t see far
 She tiptoed and traced the sound of the sob, as she tried to move close towards the sound, a little candle was lit and the room became a little bright

What just happened? The thought filled her heart, when she look around to trace the sound of the sob she couldn’t hear anything at all again. Then the candle went off again, in great fear with shivering, she cried not sure of what to do, she couldn’t scream nor fight back since she had no source of light.

 While crying, a bulb came up in full brightness and the room was so bright she had to hide her face from its brightness, she looked around the room and saw nothing but a chair and table underneath the bulb; she walked closed to the chair and was shocked at what she saw on the table.
  She fell down flat on the floor in fear and screamed for help hoping to be heard.

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