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I remember starting my writing career fully, one of the things I put into consideration was PUBLICITY, writing can be fun but if you have no one reading what you have written; it is a hassle. Imagine, putting in your very best to put that perfect story down and no one cares to read or compliment you, it can be very frustrating. I have been there before, frustrated because no one seems to see me put in my very best to create beautiful content but ever since I had a website of my own; I can boldly call myself a BOSS.

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Now, I know the cost of starting a website might want to scare those who want to start big, check out this post on HOW TO START YOUR OWN WEBSITE: BE A BOSS.  Not ready for blogging but you have the content in your head; then I have a GREAT DEAL for you.

What’s the deal?

Here’s the big deal…

I am hiring guest bloggers on my website, this offer is for those without a web but with content; those having a website but desires to have their content on another website; those seeking publicity as a writer/content creator. There are advantages in guest blogging that can be leveraged upon; see this WHY IS GUEST BLOGGING IMPORTANT?

Check this image below for more details:

guest blogging with

Send an email of interest to [email protected]; be reminded application closes AUGUST 31ST, 2019. Let the entries begin to come in.

For further inquiries about this advert, email me at the same email address above. Feel free to share this post with friends and loved ones who might be interested.

To your best,


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