Let’s face it

It was tough, really tough

21 days of consistency. ..

Wow. .. just wow…

To round it up today, I will be discussing with you my readers on HOW TO ENJOY THE JOY LITTLE THINGS BRINGS

If you are in this category, the category of those who always wait for big things before they are happy… Then, this post is for you. If you always think that little things are not worth celebrated, here have a seat; I wrote this post for you…

We are in April, right?

Let me take you on my journey of enjoying little things and what followed after..


Rewind back to January where it all began


Everyone said happy new year with smiles, I was fortunately one of them by God’s grace. I recall 2019 was filled with ups and downs, my website broke down, I lost some of my treasured articles and it felt literally like I was standing on a fence about to fall.

January, 2020; I wrote a mini book, titled LIVING OUT 2020 WITH CONFIDENCE, it really was something little, but that’s where everything began. The book opened doors for me I never expected, little, little doors

Two weeks after publishing the book, I gathered over a thousand reads from various platform where the book was displayed, little things… Still in January, I was invited to speak on a ladies platform of over 400+ membership on my just published book; still little things.

When little things come into your life, treat yourself with all joy and never forget to give thanks to the Lord.

February, another little thing came tiptoeing in; I was invited to speak to a gathering of writers on a topic I had little or no knowledge on; scriptwriting. When the invite came, I was tempted to act like a professional but God had to remind me something; faithful in small matters. I told the facilitator that the topic they called me to teach, I had no knowledge about it but if they would permit me for weeks, I could learn a few things about it online and get back to them.

Seeing my sincerity, they decided to allow me go learn for 2 weeks on the topic; scriptwriting. And when I got to the platform to teach, I was honest with the writers on the group that they shouldn’t see me as a professional but a beginner like theirs.

To God be glory, the training was a huge success, the facilitators had to private chat me refusing to believe I had just learnt basics of scriptwriting in two weeks, they applauded the mastery on which I taught them deciding to send me a token of appreciation, which I refused. Why? They gave me a chance to be better, I felt they needed not pay me for an act that made me better at something else aside from fiction writing.

Little things, it came but I learnt to always appreciate God in everything. Seeking for direction from God in little things is a sign of mutual trust between you and the saviour.

How to enjoy the joy little things bring to you

March, well the month began and for some days into it, I felt like nothing was going to happen in the month. I felt my energy drained and it seems like God wasn’t going to present me with little things. What did I do?

It was a month of self discovery for me, and I decided to put beginning or final touches to what seems to be abandoned in my career. I signed up for online courses, and in the month I decided to kickstart the quote challenge. I created little things, but daily I sought for God’s peace in everything. Since I felt at peace with the challenge, I started. I can remember my first quote “If it scares you, do it; you’ll never know if it was meant to make you shine”

You know God uses little things to make us shine?

Like the boy with the loaves of bread and fishes in the Bible?

Little things, I realized that God doesn’t need something extravagant to do the extraordinary.

When I wrote my first quote, I felt I was talking to myself or that God was talking to me. I began the challenge on my own but somehow into day three, I don’t know what pushed me to do it. I posted on my status, calling for friends and writers who were willing to join. On the first day, three to four joined; then as we proceeded, the number increased to 10 and then 15, then 19

I was wowed, like; not once have I achieved a coordinated work of pulling people in online. I felt happy at the little things God did through me. While the challenge was ongoing, many of the people who joined thanked me for helping them do the impossible. I became friends with people I didn’t even know because God used little things.

And finally, as if that wasn’t enough. An idea sparked up in me, what if I turned the entries of quote from different writers into a book? Boom… I prayed for guidance, there was peace within and a sense of courage that I could do it.

It all began from little things

Never wait for something big before you find joy

Your little thing might be waking up to see the light of another day after going through the dark thought of suicide the previous night.

Yours might be getting a call from your loved ones

Do not neglect the joy little things bring to you,

Because if you do, when something big happens to you; you will never feel satisfied

Enjoy little things God brings your way,

Restore your trust in God, he is ready to do great things through you.

If you do, many more blessings are on the way


Phew, finally… all Glory to our LOVING God, the quote challenge for this year is now brought to a close. We want to appreciate you all for stopping by consistently for 21 days, In fact, my heart is filled with gratitude.

Expect the compilation of the quotes in a book by the end of the month

But, before you go here’s another interesting update; join us for the Easter story series. It promises to be wow as always…

Thank you…
See you next year on the challenge if Christ tarries

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