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I said “YES!!!”

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This is my story!

Brother (name withheld)and I, have been friends for as long as I can remember. No strings attached! The feelings were mutual.

From the very first day, I clocked 18, I have been praying for the “Will of God”. I had seen signs, but I felt it’s because we’ve been friends and so the feelings just come.

I had kept my distance, the period I noticed I was becoming too close to him. He had felt bad, asking a series of questions as to know what he had done wrong. I knew if I give him a chance, everything will crash. So, I kept my cool.

Fast forward to three years after my 18th birthday, I was already 21. Of course, I wasn’t desperate. I just needed to know what was upfront. On my knees that morning, I prayed to God to make this “thing” clear.

Oh! I remember. It wasn’t just an ordinary prayer. I left His presence in ‘fullness of Joy’. I received an answer, but I said nothing to him. Like I said earlier, “I wasn’t desperate”. He has to make the first move.

We were still friends nonetheless. Some persons even started suspecting that something was going on with the both of us, you know all these “tatafo” na. And Yes!!! We were that close.

All the qualities I ever wanted in a man, he was in possession of it all.
No!!! I won’t list them.

Last year, before I gained admission into one of the prestigious Polytechnic of Rivers State, Kenule Beeson Saro-Wiwa Polytechnic, he called me that he wanted us to see. I allowed my mind run through so many thoughts, as to why.

That day, I dressed up in my normal Jean and polo. I don’t want to look “too serious”. I saw him, well dressed as I had always admired.

He smiled at me, and the “papa Ajasco’s” regular tune played in my head at the sight of him. “eee jigijigi Ji”, my heart melted at his smile, like strawberry candy in my mouth.

Although I was casually dressed, that didn’t change my normal sitting posture. Graceful, as always. He asked for my order, I shyly told him the usual outing recitation, “fried rice and chicken”. He ordered it while I buried my head on my phone.

Art! To the one who invented “candy crush”, I hail thee! I was tensed and sceptical about our meeting, so within 5 mins, I had worn three levels of that game.

Finally! He blotted out the question. You know the sound of the stainless tray when it falls to the ground? That was exactly how my brain rang. “Tiaaaaaan”. I paused and looked around, to be sure I was the only one that heard the question.

He smiled, repeated himself for the second time, but with a rephrase.
“All I want in three women, I find them all in you”, “please, let’s build this future together”.

Immediately, I remembered the prayer I had prayed years back. I told him I was going to get back to him. We both ate in silence afterwards.

After my first year, about one month into my 4 months of IT (industrial training), he asked me the same question. This time, he was more serious than ever. I became blank again because I didn’t see this question coming.

“I’m not ready”, “I’m scared”, I finally said. He took my hands and said, “you don’t need to be ready, let’s do this together, I like you half baked”.


After all the one month training at the PCD Academy, I finally said “Yes” to public speaking. And it has birth the “Wednesday Motivation”.

It took years, but I finally said “Yes”. Thank God I did. This is it! This is my passion. This is my story.
Everyone has a story.
What is your own story?

Say “Yes” to God’s will before it’s too late.
P.s: God’s will is not only in marriage, my dear people of God. The dream you’re fulfilling, and the course you’re studying in school, is that the will of God for your life?
Think about it!


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