International Women's day 2020

Because every woman is deserving of International Women’s Day

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In celebration of the International Women’s day with the theme EachforEqual; we want to celebrate every leading lady boss out there with a short story and a note of encouragement. Can you help us celebrate them with a share of this wonderful post? Thank you!!!

She left the canvas to dangle on the wall, her mother watched with keen attention what her reaction to her father’s question meant. Was she reacting with a careless display of the canvas? Or did she actually forget that the canvas was the definition of what success meant to her? Hours ago, there was a heated argument between her daughter and husband. As the mother, she wished her words made sense to her own husband, but if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.

Her daughter had the spark in her eyes, and she wondered where she got it from? Not from her, she doubted. Rian followed her goals passionately, and she didn’t alternate between this or that.

“Mum” she whispered standing beside the canvas holding it with a loose hand.

“Yes, daughter” Debby replied moving closer go her daughter

“Daddy doesn’t understand at all; why?”

She kept quiet for some seconds, not having an answer to her heartfelt question

“If Gideon could do this, why couldn’t I follow my dream? What is so wrong with painting? Gideon sings, why shouldn’t I paint?” her voice filled with disgust

“Don’t hate your brother, Rian. That’s the last thing you should do”

“Well, daddy almost leaves me no choice” she shrugged

“I am always convinced, he values my twin brother than I. Does he have a thing for females that I don’t know? For example, he disregards your word mother; I wish you will speak up to him one day”

He does have a thing for the female gender. Debby thought sadly.

“Mum, if he continues this way; I will soon leave the house to him and his son. I will become so successful that I will take you away to be by my side” she confessed with raw determination in her voice.

Debby cupped her daughter’s chin in her; what was she a virtuous woman for if she can not by gentle words change the mindset of her own daughter for good.

“Of course, you will succeed. I can see that in your paintings”

“You see, I am right” she whispered proudly as her lips curved into a petite smile

“But- I want you to follow your heart no matter what your dad says; I see your passion and I am proud. One day, maybe one day your dad will see the value embedded in you”

“Will he?” came her objective reply

“Let’s hope he will. You just keep following your heart. Anyone who follows the heart will surely encounter open doors”

“If you say so, I meant my word about keeping you to myself”

She nodded with utter disapproval “Don’t drive a wedge in the family Rian, give it time”

“Whatever mum, dad needs a reorientation”

“I value you, dear; your passion gives me joy. Daily I celebrate you, and no matter what I want you to know I am proud to be your mother”

Rian let go of the canvas walking towards her mother for a tight hug

If no one ever believed in her, her mother does

And besides, she cherishes herself more.

She was Rian Tobias, and in years to come she would be the world’s most famous artist whether her father likes it or not

To every woman passionately following their dreams, we are glad you are a global force to be recognized with. We believe, the world needs more women who are passionate, resilient, dauntless and with a vision. To celebrate today, we believe in your dreams and we want you to keep pushing.


The world deserves strong women, and you’ve got that around if you look not so far away.
To every strong woman out there,
You are recognized, appreciated.

To those who believe in a woman’s dream and never looked down on her
We are warmed by your good heart, please never stop believing in us because we haven’t stopped believing in ourselves

Happy International Women’s Day to every woman reading this,
I am glad you were born a woman,
It means you are equipped for greatness.

From the Leading Lady of Daachiever Blog,
Kudabo Victory

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  1. We celebrate all leading ladies. You are one of such. You inspire a lot of people, and dear you shouldn’t give up. God will hold your hands all the way

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