Living in Revival: All you need to Know

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Live in Revival or Living in Revival? What does it mean to live in Revival? Many believers cry out daily for a reviving touch in their lives but only a few are actually enjoying what it means to be revived.

The call to live a holy life well-pleasing unto God is one that must be obeyed. Can revival tarry in sin and ungodliness? Is revival measured by the hours a Christian can pray without dozing up? Or can we say revival is when a believer says ‘ I fast more than anyone’? What if Revival is more than that? What made great revivalists of old renowned? Can one say I am truly living in Revival? What does it mean to be Revived?

Revival has fruits, it has evidential proof and in this book; I am going to extensively teach about the fruits in a revived life.

In the book, you will find out what Prayer, overcoming temptation, Authority has to do with Revival.

This book is a must READ and DOWNLOAD as the writer shares his experience with Revival laying out a practical guide for believers to follow. This book comes with a :

  • Prayer section at the end of each chapter
  • A forward from a renowned writer (myself…winks)
  • A five Chapter piece that can be consumed in minutes
  • A guide to surrender all to JESUS: the only SAVIOUR


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