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Live in Revival or Living in Revival? What does it mean to live in Revival? Many believers cry out daily for a reviving touch in their lives but only a few are actually enjoying what it means to be revived.

The call to live a holy life well-pleasing unto God is one that must be obeyed. Can revival tarry in sin and ungodliness? Is revival measured by the hours a Christian can pray without dozing up? Or can we say revival is when a believer says ‘ I fast more than anyone’? What if Revival is more than that? What made great revivalists of old renowned? Can one say I am truly living in Revival? What does it mean to be Revived?

Revival has fruits, it has evidential proof and in this book; I am going to extensively teach about the fruits in a revived life.

In the book, you will find out what Prayer, overcoming temptation, Authority has to do with Revival.

This book is a must READ and DOWNLOAD as the writer shares his experience with Revival laying out a practical guide for believers to follow. This book comes with a :

  • Prayer section at the end of each chapter
  • A forward from a renowned writer (myself…winks)
  • A five Chapter piece that can be consumed in minutes
  • A guide to surrender all to JESUS: the only SAVIOUR


The Global Brand for Christ, reaching the world with the saving and full gospel of Christ. Imperfect being made perfect in the savior. For without Christ, we are all nothing


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