Entering into the new year with CONFIDENCE

Living out 2020 with Confidence

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Jane and Matthew had been married for three years now or so-; and as a family blessed with a beautiful two-year-old daughter, Jane couldn’t ask for more. She was happy, fulfilled and satisfied. Her husband was working as the assistant director at one of the famous printing press in the ol’ neighborhood of theirs.

She, on the other hand, was a sit-home nanny; not that she finds it pleasant staying at their peanut-sized bungalow but tables turned when she suddenly felt numbness on her legs five years ago. Doctors claimed it was a stroke, and Jane felt her life stand still at their diagnosis, meeting Matthew had been an answer to her old mama’s prayer while stolen breath slipped away from her as she bade farewell to a world filled with memories.

Matthew had been a patient husband, though oft time she could see the longing in his eyes; maybe for a miracle or a divine touch. Her daughter eased the loneliness she feels with her giggles and guffaws. Wheeling herself around the house wasn’t entirely pleasant, the numbness on her legs were soon spreading to her fingers like serum, the other day she had picked up a glass cup to serve herself water when it slipped out of her hand, she remembered how messy the floor had been with shreds of glass sprawling everywhere.

Feeling helpless, she had called her husband who came running miles away from his workplace. That incident spurred a decision in Matthew, they were going to have a house help; not that she wanted any but he had made her see reasons.

Granny Mandy was her name, she was heaven sent as her presence filled the house with cheer; the old woman in her 50’s was always beside her, caring like a mother. She tried taking up new skills like singing and paper decorations with her guidance.

It was a few days to her birthday, and she had welcomed her husband home with smiles just like any other day; he had stormed into the room with a stony expression. Granny Mandy patted her by the shoulder saying “Maybe, he is having a tough time baby”

“Oh- maybe. You remember the dream I told you about?”

“That one. What does that have to do with him?” she asked perplexed

“I don’t know”

“Jane, Jane” he shouted storming into the living room with disheveled hair and unbuttoned shirt

“What is wrong?” her voice managing to placate him

“I am tired of everything”

“Of what dear? This isn’t you”

“Well, I had it bottled in for a year now and today I must talk,” he said settling to seat on the brown sofa, Granny Mandy sat adjacent to him while she stood helpless as always on the wheelchair.

“Mr. Matthew, can you talk to me? You seem frustrated” Granny spoke softly

“What do you keep bottled in?” Mandy furthered

Running his hand through his hair, he let out a soft sigh stealing a few gazes from his wife. How was he to begin?

“For months now, I had a discussion with my wife; to me, she seems to be satisfied with her present condition. I told her to keep it in prayers everyday but guess what- she never does and the most annoying part is every blessed day she appreciates God. Didn’t the Bible say the Kingdom of God suffereth violence and only the violent taketh it by force? Most times, I feel I am the one doing the prayer the most. I feel ridiculed among my colleagues, there are times I wanted to take Jane out for team dinner but I can’t; so scared am I she might make a mistake”

“Is that all?” Granny Mandy asked chuckling

“Do you find it funny? Really, do you?”

“Not that I do,” she said slowly picking up the napkin on the floor

“Jane, what do you have to say?”

“I….I…” she stuttered

“She feels guilty” Matthew accused

“Do you hope for a miracle darling?” Granny asked

Jane wheeled her chair closer to her husband who turned his head away from her view “I do”

“Then, why hadn’t you been praying just like your husband?”

“Because I have a promise from God”


“Yes, God’s promise for me”

“We all have promises Jane, I am unhappy you aren’t praying for a miracle the way I do. Seems to me you are not perturbed at all” Matthew bursts in

“I am perturbed Matthew, not that I find it pleasant to be in this position for a long while but-“

“You have a promise right?” Granny cuts in

“And what is that promise dear?” she asked curiously

“Jeremiah 30:17”


Living 2020 with Confidence by Kudabo Victory 6

I read a book this year titled “When Heaven Seems Silent”; one of my favourites read in the year aside from God’s favourite place on earth and The Truth About Lies. In a chapter of the book, a word was laid in my heart, and I felt compelled to share it with a story. And that word is:

“God’s promise for you is too precious to lose because a legion of foreign armies (disappointments, sickness, failures, etc.) cannot kill a man with an unfulfilled promise. “

As we approach the New Year, while it is good to have goals written down and timeline set; there is one treasure you have to hold tight throughout the year GOD’S PROMISE FOR YOU. When you have a promise, there is a confidence and boldness that fills your heart just like Abraham who God promised was going to have a son, the bible records that he who against hope believed in God that he was yet able to bring to pass his word, he didn’t consider the deadness of Sarah’s womb. Now that’s confidence, all because he had a PROMISE.

What about Caleb, God promised him a mountain in Canaan at a young age and even while the Israelites journeyed around the wilderness for 40 years, the promise preserved his body that even at the age of 85, Caleb still had the strength and energy to possess the mountain; didn’t he say give me this mountain? That man had a promise, one that filled him with confidence. What of Mary, the mother of Jesus; David, the King and even Peter? They all had a promise.

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Yes, another year dawns; a song says the year is like a path unknown, untried. Have a promise from God, one that will put boldness and confidence in you no matter what happens in the year. The promise is going to be the song you will sing all year long; OK that even when you haven’t received your breakthrough yet, you know you have a promise and a man with a promise from God as long as you stay in tune with God cannot be destroyed nor killed.

When you have a promise, you have an amazing gift. That’s a treasure if you never know. Get a PROMISE, enter into the New Year with BOLDNESS…

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