Mama’s Hero

She held him close.

 This was her blood

 She wasn’t ready to be a mother


His cry made me cringe,
What can I do to him?
His sweet eye drew me in,
And I knew he was mine

I suddenly remembered the past,
How it all happened was a sorrid tale,
For if I told you,
You won’t stop blaming me

I tasted what I should have,
I tried to deny it,
But the outcome is him,
I really wasn’t ready

Yes, I could have done the opposite,
Getting rid of him was an option,
But I decided to face the music,
I hope I don’t regret my action

He was a beauty,
His tiny fingers were so lovable,
His sweet chuckle made me wander,
I was glad I saved a soul

myths bonding

Yes I made a mistake,
But what would be so deadly,
Was if I decided to get rid of him,
Another unborn hero will be gone

I held my child close,
Let the world mock and ridicule me,
I was a victim,
But I was also a hero

I saved a soul,
Who would look up to me as a hero,
They might call him bastard,
But I will love him still

It was my mistake,
I can’t regret it now,
I must boldly accept,
For he is now my own

You all can’t understand,
I made a mistake,
People might talk,
But I claim to be a hero


….. Because I saved a soul and who knows he might be someone’s HERO…


I duly respect single mothers who accept their mistake and kept their child. It’s just wonderful. They are the perfect example of people filled with scars. Those who still love their child are HEROES indeed.


To those who abort babies like they are gods. You will tell a tale on that fateful day when your past comes haunting you. So stop and embrace your mistake. Save a soul not kill it.. Kill not an unborn child.



Abortion must end, stop killing World heroes. They also deserve to live

From the desk of the writer,
Kudabo Victory

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