More than friends or just friends?

” RUN” I heard someone shout and instantly I began to run like a fool not knowing what I was running away from or what was chasing me. I was breathing heavily hoping my breath wouldn’t cease. I kept running and running till I tripped.

What the heck caused my fall? I was ashamed to stand up, with the fear that others around me would be laughing out loud at my fall.

But the pain I was feeling on my left leg was sharp and I needed help, No one was coming. They were all laughing out at something and I hoped it wasn’t I?
 So torn with shame  I decided to lie down flat facing the sky.  That was comforting.The hot sun slapping my face and I just smiled; staring blankly into the sky. Then I saw a figure above me,  someone raised up the hands shielding my face away from the sun; I couldn’t see clearly, I had been staring at the sun for some minutes now, therefore my vision was blurry.

“You need help” the voice spoke and I felt a shivers down my spine.

Who in the world has a beautiful voice like that? I blamed myself for staring at the sun for a long time, for I could only picture the figure. Beautiful indeed

“Let me help you” the voice spoke again and this time, I had to ask

Foolish me, I was suppose to ask about the name but I simply asked ” How can your voice be so beautiful? ” I said and heard the world’s loveliest laughter. Those shinning teeths were more enhanced that I forgot about the pain on my leg.

” I don’t know, why my voice has to be so beautiful ” the reply came out teasingly.

” Don’t hurt yourself by staring so straight at the sun”. I simply laughed at the statement when suddenly I heard drops of water falling slowly.

” Wait – seriously is that rain?” I asked stupidly. But before I could hear an answer, the rain kept pouring like it was on a mission to beat the hell out of me.
That definitely was an answer

Today indeed is one ugly day. First, my leg; then my eyes, and now this rain.
What else could go wrong today? I muttered.

Looking around me for the stranger, I found no one.

Jesus… was I dreaming? This ought not to be a dream, I slapped myself on the face till I was tired.

  No help around, an injured leg and no stamina to stand up, I  spread my arms and legs with a flat back kissing the ground ,I allowed the rain fall on me.

Rain, accomplish your mission. I said within me. What can I do best in this situation than to  laugh and enjoy the lovely outpour of the rain. Pitying myself was way out of it. I seriously need someone to help me.

Indeed a day.. I scuffled in anger

Then I heard steps. At last, someone is coming. I giggled in happiness, the person was holding an umbrella; and  with the umbrella  I was covered from the splash of rain. It was the same person. Could this be my knight in shining armour or my charming prince? Like the ones in fairy tales and stories?

“Let me help you up” the voice said again and I raised my left hand so as to be assisted. And the stupid me again said; “Can we be friends or more than friends?” I asked and I heard another laughter.

” Let’s be….” Lifting me up, I saw the face clearly….

This is a…..


Do you like the suspense? You can guess whether, the perfect stranger was a girl or boy? But before that; read this👇👇👇:

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Title : TORNED
Genre: Christian Fiction, Suspense, Mystery and Love
Chapters: Few chapters
Synopsis: Four brothers, Three Sisters. A story binds them all. Can you right the wrong? Who indeed is the real deal? At what cost must they take to discover that there is more to what they believe in?

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