What have I written down with my hands?
A question I must ask myself,
But deeply think before I give an answer
My pen; how mightier it is!
What have I done with it?
What have I done with my dreams?
Though childish and uncertain some had been,
What have I done with it?
Do I sit and wait for a change?
Or do I become the change itself?
My lips, the stronger vessel of mine,
What have I said with that mouth?
My eyes, the piercing balls I had,
What have I seen with the eyes?

The numerous things I possess,
Do I still stay low and compare?
Do I still wished to be like someone else?
Or do I stay firm to loving what I had?
Still on my pen,
I have to say, I have done well;
I have written to be happy,
I have written to leave a difference
Because I must leave a mark,
Yes on the sandstone of life,
I am different and am better everyday.
    That which you have, what have you done with it?
  No excuses granted, be someone with a difference.
I have my PEN, what do you possess to make a difference?
    Its been long I wrote poem, but manage this. Happy weekend.

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