My Pride- A tale to tell

He looked at me with admiration,
For before I was conceived,
I was his imagination
A joy that he believed,
Will come to actualisation.

So here am I,
In his warm embrace,
My happy chuckling,
Shows I was welcomed here,
What else can make me happy?

I gazed at him with pulchritude eyes,
He smiled at me with so much ecstasy,
He showed me all about the world,
In his embrace, I felt the world I was in
I knew I would be happy

When I fail, he tells me its okay,
When I fall, he joyfully lift me up,
When I cry, he pats me gently,
When I smile, he was happy I did.

He taught me about life,
He corrected me with love,
Helping me live a life I could love,
He did everything because he loved me

Now am growing up,
Yet he never stops doing his best,
I looked at him with adoration,
For I felt the father’s love in him
I would be like him one day.

Father was always there,
I knew he was there because he loved,
He created a happy home for me,
I could do the same.

So I looked at my child,
A gift of love,
He was staring at me with a smile,
I just held him up in the sky and he giggled,
I will do my best for him

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“Dad” he called;
I answered and said “I love you,son”
And somehow he just gave me the cutest smile,
I knew my Father did the right thing.
For I could love truly because I was LOVED

The Essence of Parent’s love will reflect when you grow up. Cherish your Parent’s love. It is Valuable. Also love them..

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