Perfecte Liefde: A story by Kudabo Victory

Perfecte Liefde Episode 1

Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction; any resemblance to any living or dead is purely by coincidence.


” I am asking you, Bro Badmus; where were you when your age mates were making it? I demand an answer ” Sis Mercy asked in anger staring at him,  he returned the stare with a sad smile,  he was struggling to keep his anger at bay.  His pride was hurt but…

This was not the Sis Mercy that I know, something must have gone wrong. Badmus thought within him, watching Mercy repeatedly ask the same question over and over again. He had no answer to give her, for he was partially at fault. He was poor

Sis Mercy’s question arose when he had informed her that he wasn’t financially capable to rent Kingdom Hall for their wedding reception which cost #209000. He had advised they use the back of the church for the reception for as long as they could make the place beautiful. She had kept quiet at first but when he became uncomfortable with her silence, wanting to hear what she thought about the opinion, he asked her to speak.

   At first, she heaved and started talking ” Bro Badmus, I am not in support of that idea at all…, it is a big day for crying out loud, how can we use the back of the church for the reception? What happens if rain starts falling? And we are in the rainy season,  anything can happen; Where will the guests run to?”

 ” Okay, I understand your point but as you know am not financially capable to rent a hall, I can’t even afford a #50000 hall,” he said with a bitter tone. He was just a school teacher earning so little. The church had been so helpful towards the wedding.

  Seeing that Mercy wasn’t happy for she kept her face bowed down, ” I will try to rent a #35000 hall, Bolade hall should be less expensive ” he said hoping to see her smile

  ” I am tired” she replied with an unsatisfied tone


” Don’t be offended sir,  me oh,  Errm… Errm… I am tired of everything; we have been cutting down all our expenses toward this wedding. It is becoming too much, must you show the church and everyone that you are financially incapable?”

“What!!!” Badmus gasped, surprise lit his face at her last statement

” Don’t be surprised, common blazer or suit for the wedding, you went for something of #4000. Okay, I understand your situation but what happens if I was draped in an expensive wedding gown that day and then you come in with your coat or suit or whatever it was and you joined it with Bro James red tie that is as big as the one those in the ’90s put on, everyone knows that tie on him, won’t they notice?…” she paused then continued

“Can’t you relate? It is our wedding day and it happens only once, I personally want it to be wonderful, do you get why it has to be one of a kind? Others did theirs wonderfully, must mine be an exception? My parents have catered for a lot of things concerning this wedding, the least you can do is what you are applying a managing mentality to” Mercy looked at Badmus,  he was hurt but she couldn’t take it anymore

 “Sis Mercy, that is too much; I thought you understood.. ” he said bitterly

 ” I am merely stating my point for I can’t seem to comprehend where you were when your mates were making it ” she blurted out this time with anger

 Badmus rose up, he so much wanted to avoid getting angry for this was not the woman who he had known from the onset of the relationship.

 Something was wrong before Mercy could say another word, Badmus was gone.

 She sat down and covered her face with both her hands.


Lord.!!! She muttered unhappily


24 hours earlier


“Is that not Sis Mercy?” Favour asked Janet who was busy looking at another direction, she had to tap her to get her attention.

Janet looked forward and nodded positively ” Yea, it is Sister Mercy” and immediately she turned to look at Bro Joshua who was on the other side of the road talking to his Friend. She smiled not until Favour gave her a playful pinch by her side, she realized her attention was needed.

 ” What happened to her oh? ” she said and stopped midway when she saw what caught her friend’s attention

 “Wait… Is that not Bro Edwin?” She asked Favour who in turn gave her a ‘don’t you know him’ look

  ” Let’s go, it is none of our business; besides Sis Mercy is getting married to Bro Badmus next week,” Janet told her but Favour stood still

 ” But, why is she entering his car and why did she have to dress the way she was?”

” I don’t know and I don’t care, it is none of our business “

“Indeed,” Favour said and Janet smiled. What they saw right now wasn’t their concern, she just wished her imagination wasn’t just too wild; for she couldn’t stop imagining. Janet had to tap her before she snapped out of it. They walked away

In the car…

” When will you be ready dear? Edwin said as his immediate smile showed his gap teeth. Mercy adjusted herself well on the seat

“Soon, just some minor things to round off”

” You know that’s why I love you, not only are you beautiful but you are so much more wonderful, I seriously can’t wait for that day, you will truly be mine,” he said holding her available hand.

Mercy giggled, this was one of the things that makes Edwin different from Badmus. He knows how to woo and flatter her. He appreciated every little thing, he calls her frequently but Badmus calls her rarely and whenever he calls, he talks so little and fast complaining about the fact that he borrowed #100 credit from Mtn to call her.

 He was just too…. how will it be like if indeed she ends up marrying him? She was afraid of her future with him, unlike Edwin.

  Edwin squeezed her hand when he noticed she was thinking deeply ” No thinking about that guy whenever you are with me, remember he has no future as I told you, I will take good care of you. Trust me” Mercy smiled and off they went to spend time together

Two hours later,

Her mother entered her room while she was engaged in reading.
“My baby, how is my son in law doing?” She asked smiling as she sat on the bed.
 ” He should be fine” she replied after much thought. Mrs. Grace noticed her behavior and lovingly told her daughter to sit down, which she did

” Do you fight with Badmus? “

“Mum, no now; why will I? She said staring at the floor

” Why can’t you look at me? Is something wrong, Mercy? “

After much thought and persuasion, she decided to talk to her mother

” Mum, am sacred; Badmus has nothing, and what happens if he doesn’t even in the future? ” her tone with a hint of uncertainty and fear

 ” When you brought him home, I asked you whether you cared about his state financially, you said No; for you truly love him and he makes you happy, why are you afraid?”

  Mercy sat well and playing with her fingers,  she bowed her head down and spoke “Maybe,  I just don’t love him anymore…  I mean I don’t feel all buttery inside when being with him… I feel…  Suffocated”

  Wow…  Mrs. Grace said within her,  something is definitely wrong with her daughter,  the wedding is  three weeks away and now she is talking about being suffocated with the one she claimed she loved

 “Are you serious Mercy?  Suffocated? What happened? “

Her mother’s questions were numerous but she had to give her a reply for mama kept glued to the bed expecting an answer. She ain’t leaving the room without answers

Before she could answer,  mama, held up her hand to instruct her to wait,  she looked at her wondering why she had shut her up

 ” I am so scared to ask this…..  Are. You… In… Love… With someone else?” The silence that accompanied gave her the answer she wanted.  Her mother became uneasy and mute.  No words were forthcoming

“Mum… ” she called out to her.

” I don’t know what to say,  Mercy,  how can you be in love when your wedding is three weeks away… Wait… ” she adjusted her wrapper not wanting to confirm her fear… ” Did you…… I mean.. Did you… “

 Her mother wanted the answer and she must provide it even though it will hurt…  “Yes Mum, I did…  I broke up with Badmus  a week ago… “

“What!!! ” Papa James stormed into the room.

He had been listeningMercy sat still, with nothing to say.  Her mother was on her feet as she stormed out of the room




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