Philippians 1:6- Being Confident of this very thing

Philippians 1:6- Being confident of this very thing (Story)

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Disclaimer: On Bible Verse Story is a Bible story from Philippians 1:6- Being Confident of this very thing. {Purely Fiction}

“Hello John, I am sorry. The company rejected your offer”

“That’s impossible, they were so happy when I presented at the office” he argued

“Well, you know how it goes. Another person came in after you left our office, the manager decided to go with his offer immediately.”

“Immediately?” John exclaimed

“Yes, immediately. I am so sorry, John, maybe another time,” the man apologized, disconnecting the call.

He closed his eyes in disappointment, last week he was so sure the deal was his. He had spent the time to research about what is, and what not of pitching a proposal to multimillionaire companies. That morning, he felt good; the scriptures he read for the day lifted his spirit, he was optimistic that the company was his last after he visited forty companies in a year.

But now this, another disappointment

Dropping his mobile phone on the center table, he slumped on the sofa in the room feeling depressed

What happened to the dream God gave him?

What about the prophecy?

Was everything a lie?

Has he conjured those dreams out of impatience?

God!!! He muttered

His father would soon call him, what was he going to say to the old man? The family depended on him for their upkeep and his mother’s hospital bills. John picked up the phone, and then after a second thought, he removed the battery.

He woke up from the bed the next morning, not surprised he had slept for two days straight. It wasn’t the first time he did; this he did after having sleepless nights preparing for his perfect pitch at any company. And whenever his offer gets rejected, he would turn off his phone and then sleep for days.

Lumbering slowly towards the living room, he picked up a handkerchief to wipe his face, his parents will be worried sick about him, he thought as he powered his mobile phone.

Messages came rushing in, from friends, relatives and well wishers

“Haha, why are the messages too much today? Did I die?” He scoffed

Then a call came in, it was from an unknown number

“Hello” the voice spoke from the other end

“Hello and Good morning” he replied with courtesy

“Are you Mr. John Obeme?”

“Yes,” he wasn’t pleased. Whenever he received such calls in the past, he knew it was from a company that wanted him to come and explain his idea to them.

Often he was excited in the past, but after reoccurring disappointments, he knew it wasn’t worth it engaging in any conversation beginning with ‘Are you Mr. John Obeme.’

Before the lady could pick her next word, John cuts in, “I’m sorry, but I will be rude; if you are calling me from any company, please send delegates to HKT telecommunications and Empirical Solutions. I told them about my idea; now, when you have read through the documents I sent to them; if it suits your company’s values and goals scoreboard, you can then call me for partnership. I am tired of receiving calls like this; this is the 100th one. Put yourself in my shoes,” he said, terminating the call.

The lady must be taken aback by his reply; he didn’t care. It was frustrating enough for him, and he just couldn’t bear it anymore.

His phone beeped again, his pastor was calling

“John, kilosele to you? What’s wrong with you?” The man spoke angrily on his phone, he was surprised

“Daddy, what happened? Why are you angry at me?” He tried thinking of possible reasons; there was none he remembered.

“Why won’t I be angry? Why did you cut the other call annoyed?”

“Sir… did”

“You are not serious, that was my daughter calling”

“Your daughter? I didn’t know you have one,” he said after picturing the pastor’s family tree.

“I know, that’s true. But as a pastor, I have many daughters”

“So, why did you end that call? And you were now lamenting as a baby. Didn’t I tell you of my own story? Are you the only one who had gone through something like this? You reached number 100, and you are now tired?”

“It is not easy sir, I am emotionally weak”

“Emotionally weak” the pastor mimicked

“And you will claim to be a man, what of the dream you had, have you forgotten about the prophecy also?” He challenged

“Sir, leave that one oo. I believe it is a lie”

“A lie?” The pastor exclaimed

“In your dream, did God show you that you are to serve others or be your own master?” he probed

“Be my own master”

“So, why are you looking for pastures on the land that isn’t yours? Why aren’t you farming on your land?”

“Are you not confident of seeds growing on your farm?” He asked and John had to pause taking in his words

“Have you forgotten in Philippians 1:6 ‘Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it‘ Did you forget about this verse of the Bible you called your favorite. The good work God began in you was the dream he showed to you just like he did to Joseph. That you are going through this doesn’t erase this promise. Perhaps you are still in Egypt when you should have moved to Canaan land. Plow on your field, be your own master and don’t frustrate the promise of God over your life, son” he encouraged


“Hah, daddy. I am sorry,” he apologized; how had e forgotten so quickly about the verse of the Bible that guided his dreams?

“If you are sorry, call my daughter back. She is willing to invest in your company as long as you are ready to build it from scratch.”

“What?” He exclaimed

Philippians 1:6
“Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it”

God is too faithful to fail us in our dreams, health, and life. We shouldn’t displace our confidence in him, are you sick? Be confident; He can heal you. Have you experienced failure about something? Be sure, God is still on your matter

Paul said, Cast not away, therefore, your confidence, which hath great recompense of reward. Because God is faithful who hath promised, who also will do it.

I am giving out a free book to all my readers, wait for a post on it tomorrow. Also, this post is on a request by a fellow Christian Blogger, Mosunmoluwa Adeleke, when I asked friends on my Whatsapp status what their favorite verse of the Bible is. I got replies, and this is one of them. Perhaps you have a favorite verse in the Bible, and you want a story like this, let me know in the comment section.

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