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Reality Talk 1: The Power Of Talking

Welcome to the first reality talk series with me, Kudabo Victory.


Who loves talking? I do, virtually everyone does even those who in their nature are quiet, if something catches their attention; they are sure to talk.

 Of a truth, we understand that silence is golden but talking at times is therapeutic. It depends on what you say. The tongue is powerful, we know that.
 So on the power of talking, it is indeed a sensitive topic, because firstly I have to ask; what are you talking about or to put it better, what are you saying?
 Talking can be negative or positive for words are formed through talking. You make a confession through what you say and you possess them.
  Today, I asked my self something important, virtually everyone who knows me, knows that I love talking; but this morning I had to ask myself this: Apart from the talking and  conversation I have with people, what am I telling myself?
 As I said talking is therapeutic if directed towards the positive side. Most times, what we feel or face can be conquered with the power of talking; talking to ourselves.
 Whenever I feel incompetent or inadequate, I slap myself(literally) and talk to myself that I  am able. I might be going on the way and I feel like am off amidst crowd, I talk to myself and resolve all my feeling in my mind. Whenever I face a difficult examination with no hope of passing, I talk to myself to cheer myself up. I might be with friends and I don’t feel among, I converse with myself; why? Because there is power in talking to yourself.
   Don’t wait for someone to praise you, start by yourself; tell yourself each day that you are a warrior. Wake up,dress up, smile at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful and handsome.

When you aren’t feeling confident enough, tell yourself it is OK. Keep your mind engaged by conversing with the WHO you are. Talking is calming especially when it deals with you and YOU.

  Those who succeed in life have in one point or the other learnt to talk to themselves, they learn to be encouraged even all by themselves. They saw stumbling blocks and told themselves that they can overcome.

For this week and everyday, learn to

1. Praise yourself before anyone does
2. See the good in every situation
3. Pat yourself on the shoulder that you have done well in life.
4. Learn to encourage your inner self even when you are fidgeting without
5. Converse daily with yourself

If you can engage in talking to yourself, you are a step to being better, happy and fulfilled.
 Remember, everything all starts from within.
  Two choice in every facet of life, you choose what your mind chose. Control your mind, talk to yourself and see yourself conquering

There is great power in conversing with the mind.. Start it now

Hope you were blessed by this episode of reality talk with Kudabo Victory? Stay tuned for coming episodes and I will be glad to hear that you have learnt how to engage in talking to yourself.
  Till then, I remain my humble self. Keep glued to for more..

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