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Reality Talk 2: The Power of Attention

Welcome to the second episode of Reality talk. Today’s topic is on: ATTENTION

If you know you don’t demand attention, put up your hands? I can’t see you though. … Lols
I have to say that there is no one who doesn’t demand attention.

 It all started ever since we were once children. When Mummy gives birth to a baby boy and everyone is happily calling you the elder brother. You giggle with happiness but then for months,your parents find no time to be with you but the baby. Were you jealous? All your toys became his and even your baby Brother gets fancy things. The scenario above for those who don’t have younger ones can be best explained through the comedy film called “BABY BOSS”

Whenever you demand attention from someone and you don’t get it, at times jealousy of the other person getting the attention you so desire creeps in and if not careful, it could lead to hatred.

Now what do you do when you demand attention and you aren’t getting it? Should you feel depressed? NO
What should you do when you want to be in the spotlight and fortunately you aren’t?

Note this: Everyone demands attention. You aren’t the only one. Everyone seeks attention, wants to be noticed and be at the center of everything. So you aren’t alone. It happens to everyone.

So whenever you demand attention and you aren’t getting it, that should not be a reason for you to be distressed, unhappy and hateful. Do something by, giving YOURSELF  attention, for those you are seeking attention from also demand for attention from someone else, the circle continues endlessly.

Everyone demands attention, everyone wants to be recognized, appreciated but the saddest and bitter truth is that, we all can’t get it. For if wishes were horses then…..

Don’t get hateful, unhappy if the attention and accolade you demand from someone isn’t forth coming. For everyone no matter what seeks for attention. You might get hurt in the process of seeking to be accepted, recognized or even appreciated.

For even without the attention, applause, recognition; you can truly and really be happy. Your happiness matters..

Note: God is the only one whose attention can’t be shared, as long as you are in line truly with him; you remain his child that he watches over. Are you seeking true and genuine attention? Then know God, every other thing follows.

Remember you MATTER, whether you get the attention you seek from people or not, LEARN TO TAKE YOURSELF AS IMPORTANT. Seeking to be accepted and attended to is not a means to happiness. You can be truly happy aside that.

This ends the second series of reality talk, till then I remain your humble host, Kudabo Victory. Visit for more.

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