Revelation for the Babes in Christ

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Became a new born babe indeed
Renewed, cleansed and totally redeemed
A life was laid and killed for me
Received the grace enough for me
Sooner, I became a standing light
Chasing darkness and shining bright
Everyone calls and run to me
Became a shepherd and fully in charge
Though I go a thousand mile
Still a babe in christ I am.

The word “baby” is often used for the immature and the infantile. New Christian converts are referred to as “babes in christ” because “babes” are handled with care. They are always watched over because of their fragility and tenderness. But, do you know?

Having a baby heart is the best state to receive from God.

Possessing the heart of a baby is not necessarily a state of immaturity especially in the kingdom. The state of immaturity the Bible expresses is being a baby in act.

A baby-like heart brings about flexibility towards God, humility before Him, and eagerness to know more of Him which generates the fruit of the spirit.

All these characterizes the heart of a baby.

Unless Kingdom citizens become babes in heart but not in act, they will not fulfill God’s intentions for them.

No matter our level in our christian walk, the place of being babies in heart must never be ignored.

Today, we experience many inadequacies that generate problems among the children of God because of our self acclaimed adulthood which we thought we have attained in our walk with God. It’s amazing, how many christians attach different titles to themselves in the Kingdom. Truly, some levels can be attain in the Kingdom but many are yet to attain yet thought they have already attained. This only hinders our growth and keeps us stagnant in the spirit.

Truly we might have experience much in our years of walk with God but we tend to loose so much coming our way most especially “revelations” from God because there’s no tenderheartedness.

the mysteries of the kingdom is hidden from the wise and prudent, but has been revealed unto the babes. Luke 10:21

Being a baby at heart paves way for receiving so much from God.

Do we recall that some of us received much from God as a young converts more than our present state? Not because we are backslidden but because we are not progressing.

Those times, we longed to know God, because of the tenderness of our heart that connects us easily with God. We acknowledged our emptiness and desire God for in filling, rather than our present adulthood state which has denied us many things from God. When a believer carries a glimpse of the knowledge of God all around crusades, conference meetings and Christian gatherings, God watches til he leave the pulpit and return to seek God Himself.

Being a babe in heart is the requirement for carrying God’s understanding of mysteries which must be consciously exhibit, because it enables us to stay humble before God.

Do you know more of God or you only receive men’s appraisal with the little you know about God? Put on the tender heart of a baby so that you can receive more of God’s understanding today.

“Babes not in act, but at heart”…

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