RIPPLES: Searchlight series every Wednesday

Ripples: Searchlight Series (2 Timothy 1:7)

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Warm Welcome to the first Searchlight Series in the month of MAY


Tick… tick… tock… ding… dong… dong…. Ding

Bla blab la…. la la la … bla…

Her suckling baby babbled with a toothless grin which made her soften the hard look on her face. As the clock on the wall of the living room struck three in the afternoon, her husband drove in after being greeted by the gateman who was all smiles with respect in lieu of his salutation as he welcomed him. Debbie stood watching from the window as her husband smiled to the gateman replying his greeting as warmly as he could. He stepped out of the car holding firmly to the briefcase and closing the door against him in return. With quick steps, he walked towards the door humming a song.

‘Welcome my dear’ Debbie greeted

‘Thank you very much’ he replied casting a loving look at their baby playing with a toy joyously.

‘How is our little Debbie?’

Debbie picked up the baby and moved towards him ‘Little Debbie greets you’. The baby recognizing his face stretched out the tiny arm in the form of an embrace but giggled when the father was about to gather her in his arm. ‘Little Debbie must be feeling good today’ he said tickling the baby who busted into more giggles, both parents joined smiling.


She refused to wake up, he tapped her gently but she never moved an inch. Perhaps she was tired and didn’t want to be disturbed while sleeping. Akin left her alone for a while and stepped out of the bed then walked up to the baby’s cot, she was sleeping soundly and he felt proud and happy watching her breathe in and out.

‘Debbie’ he called his wife by name

‘Debbie! Debbie!! Debbie!!!

He called her again expecting a response, it was unlike his wife; Debbie was always quick to detect sound, movements in the room no matter how little. Worried, he came over to her side to tap her again.

‘Debbie… Wake up’ his voice a bit raised but yet no response.

Fear crept in… what could be wrong? Was she dead? He looked at her, she was alive at least she was breathing fine. ‘Debbie… wake up please’

No stir, no blinking of the eyes just the movement of her heart could he see. Fidgeting, Akin picked his phone just over the other side of the bed putting a call through to his neighborhood friend who happened to be a doctor.

Seun rushed into the room some few minutes later dressed shabbily and panting; ‘What’s wrong? I got your call friend’

‘My wife… she is breathing fine….  But I don’t know, she isn’t waking up’

‘How was she yesterday? Did she show any symptoms at all?’ Seun questioned checking the pulse of his wife while expecting an answer.

‘She was really okay yesterday, there was nothing off about her’

‘Did your wife ever suffer from any sickness?’

‘Nothing of such that I don’t know of, she is perfectly okay’

Seun paused before speaking again well, the scan at the hospital will likely tell us what is wrong with her’

‘Let’s take her to the hospital’


The question of his friend replayed in his mind; was Debbie sick? He couldn’t confidently answer the question as he watched the nurses roll away from his wife into the emergency room on a stretcher. One of the nurses held unto the little Debbie while he stood by the hallway watching nurses go in and out of the room his wife was, not saying a word. Right there in the hall, he felt one thing he hasn’t felt for years… he felt fear… raw fear… what if his wife died?  He couldn’t think anymore as the look on the doctor told him all wasn’t well, Seun was nowhere to be found among them. The doctor together with some nurses walked towards him and with his little knowledge on how things work in the hospital, the expression of the doctor was not a good signal at all. He swallowed hard expecting the bitter news, the doctor let out a sigh and squeezing his thumb against his middle finger on the left hand, he spoke ‘Mr. Feolu right?


‘We are so sorry to say this to you…’


‘Your wife…. Did you ever know she is diagnosed with stage three cancer?’

‘What? Did I hear you right?’

‘Yes, you did… did you know she is a cancer patient?’

Cancer? Debbie? Cancer?

‘The scan shows that she has been undergoing treatment, and to be honest with you… she fought really hard to stay alive… if you never know about her condition… she must have hidden it from you so you never have to worry’

‘She hid it from me so I don’t worry’ he repeated the doctor’s word laughing sadly

‘We tested your daughter’

‘What about her?’

‘Your wife was pregnant with the baby when she discovered cancer in her, she was ignorant of it before until her pregnancy. Luckily for us, your child is free from it”

‘Are you saying my wife gave birth despite her condition and she never said a word to me?’ when none of the people in front of him said not a word, he leaned against the wall beside him disappointed.

‘We will advise you to go home and come to see your wife when you are ready. It is a whole lot to process, I know it is’ the doctor said tapping him slightly on the shoulder before walking away.

He didn’t know what to feel or do nor how to accept the information he was given. How could his wife have kept such secret from him and how was he so ignorant not to have noticed it?


Dear Akin,

If you are reading this right now, you must have discovered about me; it happened some months ago though the doctors told me it has been in me dormant for years prior to my knowledge, I’m at the third stage and I’m nearing death. I was glad when I discovered our child was free from this disease, it gives me joy even when my heart is heavy. I’m so sorry akin for keeping you in the dark, I didn’t want you to be afraid or fearful of losing me but I think I was wrong. Though I so much wish to live long and spend a bit of eternity with you right now that dream seems to fade away. When I told my mother about my condition, her words gave me the strength to live and give birth to little Debbie. You love a verse in the bible but there is a verse you rarely speak of which I love and that was my strength to carry on. In 2 Timothy 1:7, it talks about God not giving us the spirit of fear and the AMP version of the bible simplifies it this way “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (of cowardice, of craven and cringing and fawning fear), but [He has given us a spirit] of power and of love and of calm and well-balanced mind and discipline and self-control. Whether I die or live my dear husband, promise me one thing… you will not be given to the spirit of fear but either you’ll love me and even God more. If you promise to do this dear, I think I can close my eye in peace.

Akin, I believe in miracles but while I wait for the miracle… you have to have a well – balanced mind and never give in to fear. Promise me that, will you?



I coin searchlight this Wednesday especially for the new month of MAY from 2 Timothy 1:7 and a special message to everyone reading this is that; for the month of May and even beyond… do not be filled with the spirit of fear, God never for once promised us that spirit (fear) but he did promise us the spirit joy, comfort, help, strength, hope and deliverance when we need it. Of all the spirits to embrace, don’t move close to fear in the new month. Live not in fear but live in joy and gratitude for the wonders of God surely is in store for you.


Until we meet again on searchlight next week Wednesday; STAY FEARLESS




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