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The clouds formed and I knew within me that definitely it will rain today. But I decided to be stubborn in my own sense and kept walking, having that full assurance that the rain won’t fall for my sake until I got home. So many of us do that, we will tell the rain in our mind not to fall at all until we got home or to our destination , that’s Faith on our own path but Selfishness in another aspect because someone might need the rain to fall at that instance. Well, we just can’t stop the work of God ,he does as he Pleases. Well, today’s self thoughts is not on that aspect..
    The rain at first started drizzling and yes it was comfortable to still walk in the rain, I started walking enjoying my stay in the drizzling rain. I wasn’t alone, a lot of people still walked in that “little” rain; not until I got to the T-junction to get home, this rain began in full force and started beating me seriously. People beckoned me to stay under the shed till the rain reduces, I smiled and told them I will soon get home. I started running, walking when tired but was getting closer home. It was becoming chilly and I was thinking in my mind what body condition will I be in when I get home. Won’t I Fall sick? Isn’t it better I hide under a shade until the coast is clear. No, I thought; I will soon get home so why the wait and delay. It was looking like stubbornness until something struck me that “I have just being persevering since”
    Getting a goal in life is a thing on its own, Persevering to achieve that goal is another thing entirely. We are on a persevering race in life and yes we must Persevere if we must attain that goal. At the initial walk in the rain, a lot of people walked in it when it was gentle and mild, That Goal you want to achieve, a lot of people also have the same desire of yours, but some draw back, when it becomes tougher and rougher. Several people will suggest to you that you should rest.
      Don’t stop when others wants you to stop, stop only when You feel like stopping.

 There are times when it will feel like you are getting discouraged at yourself, but Encourage yourself by fixing your gaze on the Goal and God.

  So it got to a point where I really felt the need to rest under a shed, my slippers had just got spoilt and I was walking in the rain with one barefoot, like I said Don’t stop when others expect you to stop but stop when you personally felt the need of stopping. So I stood under a shade, lamenting about my spoilt slipper but was glad I had come thus far and and I was getting really closer home. When you are resting, feel the need to be happy about how far you have gone in achieving your goal. So I stood for few minutes under the shade, singing as I watched the water flow through the gutters and wishing for a peaceful mind that is never soiled with dirt like the flowing water. That moment of your stop shouldn’t be a time to stop permanently, equip yourself then for the race ahead, free your mind and think anew.
  Since the rain wasn’t near stopping, I entered into the rain since I will soon get home. Removed my slippers and walked barefooted home, looking ahead at my house with a smile on my face . No matter what, keep moving to achieve that goal. We all need a spirit that perseveres if we must attain our goal in life.

 Don’t try walking in the rain o, especially if it’s very heavy, don’t be like me biko and catch cold;you are very precious so don’t try to be strong-headed. The cold never leave my body because of what I did today. Don’t try it please 🙌🙌.

  Hope you learnt something from my story?
  Perseverance is the key to attaining Goals in life. Learn to Persevere..

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