Far above all things held dear,
I find you ever near,
Constantly you are with me,
Ever besides me.

All may leave and never look back,
You are always there even when I look back,
All of my qualities you imbibed,
My other half even in the dark.

You always told the truth to me,
Showing me who I really was,
Not what other want me to be,
You show the real me .

I feared you in the dark,
Trying to run away from you as fast as I can,
But you keep catching up to me,
Only because you are ‘me’.

Even when in the day,
I kept my emotions so sealed away,
In the darkest of night,
You show the me I couldn’t hide.

You are a silent companion ,
A best confidant, though you can’t speak,
You speak a lot about me through the dark
You are nothing else but a part of me in the dark..

Writer conclusion:  I remember growing up , as a young kid,I aimlessly feel scared when I see my shadow in the night , seeing another you taller than you was a scary thought, I would try to run away but this image keeps following me and at times overshadows me. As I grew up I began to understand better ,I studied my shadow in the night and I saw it was another reflection of who we are in the dark when the mirror couldn’t work best . it was a good secret keeper and a silent companion.

As we grow up we learn things ,have learnt from my shadow. The poem might be a little bit blend but would so much appreciate comments . Thanks

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Kudabovictory · February 19, 2017 at 7:41 pm

Thanks for visiting, would so much appreciate your comments. No man is an island of knowledge, would appreciate to develop more in my writing. Thanks

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