Chasing Shadows

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Nothing tests a family’s true love for each other than challenging situations. When Racheal was raped, the family is torn by guilt and the decision they made the night of the incident. What would the young teen girl do with an unwanted child even when she detested her parents? What is the place of love, patience and true friendship in this short and free book?

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About Book

What is the book Chasing Shadows about? We can’t catch our shadow, we can chase after it but it is a futile effort. What does a teenage young girl do when she was raped? What does a family do when a night tears them apart? What do a family once filled with love do when each decision they all made has a price to be paid?

Read the story of Racheal, a pregnant teenage girl, and her family. God’s love isn’t real in human form, or is it?


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