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With the death of her parents, Kike harbors questions about who she was and what God is. When her husband, Martins was diagnosed with brain stem death; the quest to discovery began. What was her conclusion? Is faith in God really true or was everything just a fairytale?


Doctors said Brain stem death has no cure, apnea test, autonomous breathing confirms the death of any patient. When Martins was diagnosed to be brain dead, his wife Kike felt her whole world crumbling down. Her father had just been buried, and now the death of her husband comes threatening. The doctors were sure of his death, but she finds it hallucinating that a strong and loving husband of hers would die because of her action. Is there a cure anywhere? Can brain death be treated? What must she do to turn the hands of time back? Read more about her quest in this book, and how she overcame the impossible. To every reader, there is a question for you; where is your faith in an impossible yet life-threatening situation?

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1 review for WHERE IS YOUR FAITH?

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    Quite magnificent.

    • Kudabo Victory

      Kudabo Victory (verified owner)

      I appreciate you. Thank you

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