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Her body in form of repose against the wall,
Eyes filled with uncertainty closed,
She wished to know what was wrong,
Curious to know but it was against her will

A quick recall of her past crept in,
For she has a tale to tell,
Who would she beg to listen?
Broken she was even with the smile

Banish my mind,
For I want to stop thinking,
I know what was wrong,
How can I accept my fate?

Fragments of me can the world see,
Little can they know of who I am,
With the happy faces I display,
My mind is all but shattered pieces

Who will bid me love truly?
In my corner I hid,
Even as I pass through life,
My fears are numbered

Can you wipe away the smiles?
And see the tears hiding within,
Can you unveil my weakness?
Am not so strong within

Tell me it is okay,
Will I really believe you?
From a distance I wished I did,
But my frail heart couldn’t

Be not blinded by my smiles,
Camouflage are they,
Deep within am hurt,
Bracing everything was my little strength

Can someone be a shoulder?
So I lean on and cry my heart loud,
The true ME is smoked,
When will everything be clear?

Geez, we all have our little problem despite the smiles and hearty laughs; some hearts are broken and they really don’t know what to do but smile.  Some have learnt to ignore their pain,  bracing so much strength but they are really the weakest within. Some do not have a shoulder to lean on and cry yet each blessed day they live with smiles all day long.
     I truly wish we all can be truly happy without having to hide what we are really. I wish I can be a friend to someone whose personality is smoked,  I wish I can know what people around me feel. But little can I do for the surest remedy remains with God.  He alone can be there even when friends aren’t.  He sees past the facade.
    I wish every troubled soul knows God.  He is a true hero…

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