Stand in the Gap

I thought about the phrase: Stand in the gap!!! What does it actually mean? It has several meaning depending on the situation involved.

Standing in the gap simply means to take charge and take control of something. It means absolute control . In life, have you for once stood in the gap? Taking charge of a situation and not letting circumstances shake your stand and belief?
It’s one thing to wish to have success , it’s another to have that desired success. To have the desired success ,you must learn to stand in the gap . Actually successful people are leaders , leaders this learn to stand in the gap.
          You really desiring to develop your talent comes with sacrificing a lot. You must learn to develop yourself towards standing in the gap , to take charge of that talent.
    Those who learn to take charge of every tiring, difficult, frustrating challenge that comes their way are those who actually have learnt to stand in that gap,they are those who are not blaming their failures on circumstances around them but taking control of that circumstances for their good and for success at the end.
  Standing in the gap at times comes with disappointments, frustrations as you learn to survive on your own so you could take charge by yourself. But when you have fully taken charge ,you become someone better than who you are as you have experienced a lot and learnt a lot than what you know before.
   Take charge of your dreams, goals ,talents, plans . Thrive toward being a better you. Learn to stand in the gap, thus you learn to become better. Walk towards being a “BETTER YOU” Stand in the gap…

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