That Small Step

I just love babies as they grow. Why? Because they teach an important lesson that may seem insignificant but actually worth knowing.
      Babies are fragile when they are born so is ‘that’ dream ,talent ,desired goal when at the initial stage. The dream is so fragile that it need to grow towards being better as young babies grow each day until they are strong on their own.
    Babies take a step each day towards learning how to walk, they fall at times, but the very amazing fact is that they don’t give up easily. So must one’s dream be, you fall towards achieving it but remember you are learning , don’t ever give up.
  “That simple step”, what’s that simple step you must take. Babies take that simple step everyday before they could learn to walk.
   Another admiring fact when watching babies grow is the fact that they willingly accept help. When a baby falls while trying to walk, he accepts help rendered by the mother. As you pursue your dream, you need people’s help at one point or the other, these set of people provide you what it takes to achieving that dream of yours.
       But it will come to a stage that when the baby falls, the mother do not hurriedly go to pick up the baby, she cheers the baby to try and stand up by himself, so is it at a stage to achieving that dream, you lack help not because it’s not available but because you must learn to also stand on your own.
   Know the fact that a castle just do not appear overnight, several actions has been taken to bring about that structure. Your dream do not just appear , you must learn to fall, stand, fail,cry before you can achieve that dream. Be like babies in achieving your dream ,you would be surprised to see the result you get. Take that Simple step like babies do..           © Kudabo Victory 2017

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