The Accuser and the Saviour: You are redeemed

The Accuser and the Saviour: You are redeemed

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The great book said, He has given us the spirit of sound mind and not of fear
He called my name saying “Cherish, you’re so dear”
I heard those words, and all I could do is drop a tear.

I couldn’t reach out to His embrace
Even when I had space to step into Grace
In guilt and shame, he had covered my face.

I turned left, and he remained me of my lies
His words perched on my mind like flies

He said yes, when mercy said no
Grace said “come!”, But he said “don’t go”
Freedom pursued after me
But in his chains, he bound me still

“Listen!” “Confess!!” “Just say it!!!” I heard like a banger in my head.
I tried running to the throne of compassion
He reminded me of my sin of abortion, extortion and years of undone restitution.

He said my past is too filthy
My present too dirty
And future so trashy.
Him! The Accuser, of the Brethren!

He shows you condemnation
Leaving you in frustration
Gives you deadly coronation
And cloud your mind with suicide mission

But Don’t!! Don’t listen to Him.
Christ!!! He has given us sound mind
A new life in Him you’ll find
He has made you one of His kind

Listen friend. He’s always there to point accusing fingers. Each time you try to take a step to the throne of Grace and Mercy, he raises his ugly head leaving you in pains of your past.

No more! God has given us freedom. Accept it, and speak back at him each time he comes with those accusations. Tell him you’re made free in Christ. Jesus has made us free, and we’re free indeed. Praise God!!!

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