The Believer’s Authority: Book Review

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Book Title: The Believer’s Authority
Book Author: Kenneth E. Hagin
Publisher  Name: Faith Library Publications
Year of Publishing: February 1985
Number of Pages: 94

The believer’s authority is a book written by Kenneth Hagin that focuses on an aspect of our Christian walk where many people think it is only meant for specific people to have dominion over the devil but that isn’t true as written by Kenneth Hagin in the book.

The moment you give your life to Christ, you have authority because your nature is changed and you inherit the name of Jesus but the devil doesn’t want you to know that you have authority.

The Believer's Authority by Kenneth Hagin

The author: Kenneth Hagin

Knowing that you have authority is not enough, you must apply the knowledge you have. It’ll be a tragedy for you to go through life and not find out or use what belongs to you.

You as a believer have authority only when you begin to pray as you ought to and gain an understanding of the words because it can’t be imparted.

Things will change only if you begin to pray scripturally. The Ephesians prayer especially in the latter part of the first and third chapter carries a lot more than you can ever imagine.

The writer made an illustration with a sinner who needs salvation but doesn’t know someone settled the bill for them on the cross and you go to them counting their wrongdoings and peradventure he or she dies without knowing what he or she has.

This is likened to a believer who has authority but doesn’t know he or she has authority.

The quality of your authority depends on the power backing you up and Jesus Christ is the power, principalities, and powers that recognize the potency of his name and they have no choice but to succumb to your authority.

You must be strong in the Lord and not in yourself because greater is the name that you have received than that which is in the world, the name that backs you up is greater than that which backs your enemies up.

You’re seated with Christ at the right hand of the father which is the place of authority. You have authority because you died and rose with Christ.

The resurrection of Jesus is the mightiest work of God recorded and was opposed by satan and his cohorts but the devil was put to shame and God placed Christ far above principalities and powers which is the source of your authority.

Jesus said those that believe in him shall do the works he did also, he didn’t say just a selected set of people.

It’s now when you have something that will hurt or destroy you that you have authority, not later in the Millennium.

There are spiritual vitamins you need to take every day in order to become a healthy Christian.

The devil will continue to whip you in every battle when you allow unbelief but when you hold him in faith and Spirit, you’ll win those battles.

Stand your ground, faith is paramount in exercising spiritual authority, don’t be moved by what you see, be moved by what you believe which is the truth is.

Christ needs you to do his work on earth, he needs you to exercise authority against the devil.

His work will never be done without you and you can never get along without him.

The believer is told to do something about the devil because we have the authority to do it. The devil seems to be running everything in the world but not believers because we are only in the world not of the world.

There are some songs believers sing that shouldn’t be heard by people that have authority.

Songs that portray all kinds of unbelief.

Some people have mistaken poverty with humility which is ignorance, we are to reign on earth as Kings.

The believer’s authority is not limited to any aspect, as long as you are of God, resist him in every aspect and he’ll flee. Exercise that authority even in your family.

As a believer, When you get out beyond the written Word of God, you’re getting out too far. Stay with the Word.

You can also use your authority to free people from whatsoever it is tormenting them but not against their will.

Your authority won’t work in someone else’s life if it’s against their will, if they don’t want to be free, there are no two ways to do that.

The Bible says you should resist the devil and he’ll flee from you because you have the authority.

It is left to you to exercise your authority and take responsibility.

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