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The Big Reason Why Consistency Rocks Your World

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21 Days Quote Challenge

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“No one see what I do” Dide fumed Pacing through the varanda of the house

“Don’t say that, please don’t”

“You will never understand man”

“Suit yourself then, I keep telling you not to sulk over your unpopularity but you won’t listen. How do you want me to encourage you then? If you are only doing what you are presently because of man’s approval and recognition. Then, you are going no where at all.” His friend replied with gestures and unhappiness etched deep in his voice.


“But what? Is it because so and so is more popular, you think you are nobody. Why are you measuring your success with man’s yardstick? Why not measure your progress and success with what God says he would achieve through you. Dide, if you don’t feel happy because of consistent comparison with another, you might never feel fulfilled in life”

“It is so easy for you to say that. At least, people recognize you” he sulked

“I don’t need man’s recognition, naturally it comes and whenever it doesn’t come; I shrug it off. Dide, everyday for me is a battle of man’s acceptance, I wake up every morning praying for grace to accept what God says and not what man sees. If you live by man’s acceptance, soon you will be rejected by God. Find your true meaning in God, only then will your joy be full”

“Your words are deep man, pray for me” he replied defeatedly moving close to his friend in humility.

Your Consistency is Key

When I started writing, I felt strange

I was just six, and I had no sense of direction whatsoever

I write to keep myself happy and travel to a world where I was boss of every thing that happened

Eleven years after, I decided to write something different

They call it Christian Fiction, I wanted to write godly stories

Still I felt strange

Why you wondered?

I didn’t even know why also

Didn’t writing for God warrant me a passway to unlimited happiness?

But No?

I was always comparing myself with another

I never had joy whenever I posted something online

I felt inadequate, insecure and unwanted

Two years after, things never changed; perhaps maybe a little

I understood I was depriving myself of walking in line with God’s purpose whenever I compared myself with another

I realized my comparison wasn’t making me better at my craft, but it made me feel lazy as I always had excuses why I wasn’t writing

This was a war within, how was I going to win?

Lacrae said “If you live for people’s acceptance; you will die from their rejection”

Whenever you feel inadequate, ask yourself why?

Somewhere in the corner of your thought, you might have compared yourself with another person. Comparison can be positive if it spurs you to be better; but negative comparison is jealously untamed.

See your success through the eyes of what God says you will be

Measure your breakthrough with the understanding that you are one step closer to fulfilling every thing God says you will become.

Your consistency at showing up for what you loved

What made you stop?

Ask yourself why

Now, arise and be yourself. I know it isn’t easy to be consistent, there are a lot of people who seems to better than you; do this.. Keep showing up, you never know who is watching you.

You might be an encouragement,

You just might never know until you keep showing up.

See you tomorrow…

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