An Interview with Ella Obans on Daachiever Inc.

The Christian Author Interview with Ella Obans- Episode 13

In this podcast episode of the Christian Author Interview, Ella Obans gave deep insights on managing emotions as a Child of God; she is the author of the book; Be the CEO of your emotions

This is only an audio-based interview; recently, we launched out the podcast version of the Christian Author Interview. We are pleased to bring you an Interview with Ella Obans.

This podcast episode can be accessed via Anchor, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Breaker, Pocket Casts, and more to come.

You can also listen directly from this post, and we will be glad if you will show some love to the author, and even to us by leaving behind a comment. Kindly give it time to load, it is an embed link; and it might take some seconds to show up

An Interview with Ella Obans on Daachiever Inc.
An Interview with Ella Obans on Daachiever Inc.


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