The Christian Author Interview with Joy Egbochie- Episode 8

The Christian Author Interview with Joy Egbochie- Episode 8

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As we promised in the previous episode here of the Christian Author Interview; we are once again back to keep to that promise of connecting with amazing Christian authors and their books either through our podcast or via a text format on the website.

Interview Team: Lovely greetings from the Throne of Grace to all our readers, far and wide. Today’s interview will be taking a new shape; permit me to say; we will follow this pattern for a week; non-stop. In partnership with the ESSENCE CHALLENGE, 2020, organized by Loveth Opeyemi, we at the Interview Team will be bringing to your comfort zone new authors and their books. The main aim of this is to foster a reading culture in youth and promote Christian authors.

Before we proceed, here is a preview of the authors we will be interviewing today; you shouldn’t miss out on any.

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Beloved, Join us to welcome Joy Egbochie; the author of the book: Building Your Child self Esteem

The Christian Author Interview with Joy Egbochie

Loveth Opeyemi: Tell us about yourself, what you do; and what is the driving force behind it?

Joy: Wow! I must confess, I love this question. Without further ado; I’m Joy Egbochie, and I’m a proud cap wearer of the profession ‘A Teacher’. I’m not afraid to wear this badge of honor always. My love for children and passion for teaching made me build this career as an educator. I love doing this; I ought to be proud of it right?

Interview Team: Of course!!!

Joy: (smiles) I studied Economics at the prestigious- Tai Solarin University of Education. I am driven by the belief that embedded in every child lies is a treasure that needs to be harnessed for all-around pleasures. Besides this belief of mine, I’m also proud to say; I’m a Jesus freak. I love God, and I’m sold out to Him.

Loveth Opeyemi: That’s a catchy introduction

Interview Team: I agree also; I love the phrase she used ‘Jesus freak’. I love that

Loveth Opeyemi: Aren’t we all Jesus Freak as Christians; unto the next question; What inspired you to write the book ‘Not Just a Child’? There is always a story behind every greatness. What is yours?

Joy: NOT JUST A CHILD was birthed out of my love for children, years of experience in teaching, and my area of specialization. My daily interactions with parents made me realize that so many parents are helpless and do not know what to do- to groom, nurture and develop their children’s potential. Also, I discovered that the change that we desire in our society and nation at large lies in the confines of the HOME. Resting on the shoulder of a child are destinies upon which nations would be birthed. The better tomorrow we pray for lies on the child; therefore, the utmost care and attention must be channeled into grooming and building the ‘child’ appropriately.

Loveth: You are right; from the shoulder of a child, nations are birthed. I wish to ask, is there any life experience that shaped your books’ writing since they’re centered on kids?

Joy: My personal experience in the classroom played a large role in shaping the thoughts behind my book. I didn’t have a perfect childhood, and I didn’t want any child to experience what I went through growing up. Yes, I was a child, but I had lots of unanswered questions. Questions I dare not ask anyone else would be termed ‘the bad egg of the family.

Joy: I struggled with many baggages while growing up, ranging from my small petite body to my below-average school grades. Everyone was too busy to notice my struggle, people saw a bubbling bright teenager, but I was dying inside as I got bullied day after day. So, when I see a child being neglected today, it breaks my heart.

Interview Team: We all have our childhood stories, whether heart-fluttering or wrenching, but I am glad you decided to be of help to the children around you; it takes a candle to brighten all other candles in the room.

Loveth: It must have been tough being bullied, but I am glad you overcome it; it is inspiring enough to read from you; learning in the process. The next question is, what special knowledge or research was required to write the book ‘Not Just a Child’?

Joy: Remember, I mentioned that I am a certified teacher. So, my knowledge of academia made the entire book project a success. My seven years of experience in the ‘children’s ministry’ added to my knowledge, which helped make the book a practical guide.

Loveth: The children’s ministry must be a blessing all wrapped in for you. The next question is quite common; I have read from folks; many condemn saying, ‘If you are not married, don’t speak about marriage as though you know it all’ I believe the same notion applies to parenting. Now, this is my next question; seeing that you’re not a parent yet, how do you know so much about parenting? What resources helped you in writing your books?

Joy: Birthing, a child, does not instantly bestow this divine ability to raise a child. PARENTING IS A SKILL, and like every other skill, anybody can learn it. My experience in the classroom made me a parent sort of (smiles). The entire teaching experience shaped my thought and gave me direct access to raw practicals. That is a real-life situation. Also, I cannot rule the place of personal development out of my source of knowledge. I read books, bought courses, get necessary certifications, and expanded my network.

Interview Team: Wow; indeed parenting is a skill; one you can grow to be better at each passing day

Loveth: You wrote a book titled ‘Building your child self-esteem’. As a Christian; you know ‘Jesus Freak’, Is there any scriptural basis for that?

Joy: Yes, there is. In 1 Peter2:9, “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.” (KJV). I discovered that God describes us as chosen, yet we have so many people who undermine themselves and their God-given potential. To help deal with that mentality, I decided to go back to the grassroots, which is the home and children. That was the building block for my book.

Loveth: The Bible also says, if the foundation is destroyed, what can the righteous do? From the cradle, start building up your child’s self-esteem. Thank you for sharing that; I’m sure readers are gaining a lot. What message do you hope that readers will grasp from the two books you’ve authored?

Not Just a Child appeared on Daachiever Inc.

Joy: The core message in the two books I have authored is centered on harnessing the potential in a child and general upbringing. So I desire that readers of my book get more intentional, understand the child better, and discover the child’s hidden and unique potential.

Loveth: What is your advice to parents and intending parents reading this?


To the parents,

Parenting has gone beyond garbage in; garbage out. It has gone beyond this is how my mother trained me. On the contrary, Parenting, as we now see and know it, has EVOLVED.

PARENTING is a skill that ought to be learned; use all the resources around you to get the right and updated knowledge about parenting.

1990 curriculum might not work completely for 21st-century children; you need to step up your game as a parent.

To the intending parents (singles),

We all quote the usual line of, “We don’t learn how to shoot a gun at the battlefront; we learn before the battle begins”. Unfortunately, how come are we all waiting for marriage before acquiring the right knowledge about parenting? I have always wondered why singles refuse to learn about this critical aspect of life, knowing that it is our cross to carry, and therefore inevitable.

We learn about almost everything and anything in life except this aspect of Parenting. Perhaps, the narrative on the societal breakdown and the alarming cry over impoverished child upbringing is left unchanged. While you wait, get equipped with the right knowledge!.

Interview Team: I should get ready to tell my mum; she needs to step up her game at parenting (chuckles). But, I must confess; she did a good job raising me up. To our readers, are you ready to step up your game at parenting; then you should read Joy’s book.

Loveth: I can’t believe it; we are unto the last question; it was fun and thrilling to hear from you; but before we wrap up this quick and short interview; can you please tell us how we can connect to you, and access your book?

Joy: You can connect with me on the following social media platforms:

Facebook: Joy E. Egbochie

Instagram: see_egbochie

WhatsApp: +2348186177755 to get a copy of my book. You can also join my Facebook community (Young and Intending Parents Network)

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