An Interview with Kudabo Victory on Daachiever Inc

The Christian Author Interview with Kudabo Victory- Episode 15

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We are up for Episode 15 of the Christian Author Interview. Have we introduced you to exceptional individuals across the world? If no, you can send us a complaint email at [email protected]. But, if Yes, keep reading. We are glad to have you join us again. 

Our Guest today is our Founder, Kudabo Victory, and she is here to excite you with her books. Stay seated, and don’t go anywhere.

An Interview with Kudabo Victory on Daachiever Inc
An Interview with Kudabo Victory on Daachiever Inc

Loveth: We’d love to meet you. Can you please tell us about yourself? 

Victory: Okay, this is a common question; there was a time; I felt this was more of a burden than interest. But, for this interview, well, I am Kudabo Victory, saved by grace. Professionally, I am a web developer, an intern in graphics design, and a blogger. I am currently studying Food Science, soon to graduate, and aside all, I am a lover of creative skills. Also, I am an Author, there was a time I had the label ‘Amazon Best Seller’ for four of my books, but then life happened, my Amazon account was suspended. So

That title is Invalid. I am interested in SEO, Ethical hacking, and UI/UX design; these are skillset I am yet to acquire, but what I am quite fascinated about. I am also the Founder of Daachiever Inc., a creative hub for Christian writers across the world; I am the Lead behind the Christian Author Interview and Podcast. I wear many hats, both professionally and physically. But above all, I am proud to say; I am the daughter of the highest God. I mean, aren’t we all proud of it? I am.

Loveth: You’ve authored over seven books. Did you ever feel writing is a talent that God wants you to use to pass his message to the world?

Victory:  It took me many years before I embraced writing as a talent; I started writing from 5. To me, writing was more of a passion and abiding interest. I was always happy writing, and back then, with no purpose or intent. I wrote to keep myself busy and entertain those around me. But as I grow in my Christian Faith, YES, I believe writing is a talent God has given me to pass a message to the world. And I am happy doing this. 

Loveth: About 6 of the seven books you’ve authored are fictional books, and they’re centered around families; why do you love writing fiction and family stories?

Victory: Funny, I never realized this. Were my books about families? Wow. You know, when I saw this question, I had to log off and think. I went through all my books and saw the truth in your inquiry. I can’t pinpoint why I love writing family stories, maybe because virtually all Christian Novels I have read did the same thing. Karen Kingsbury is my favorite when it comes to family fiction. I admire her. For now, I can’t say why I love writing family stories. Still, the answer to my love for fiction is this: I love creating an environment around me, I love fantasy, I think wild, imagine the impossible is one thing I do, but I don’t go beyond the ordinary. It wasn’t so hard writing fiction books for me; the idea just flowed. My first nonfiction book was challenging; I had struggles. Thus, fiction is my thing, at least for now 

Loveth: You write so well on families. Have you ever thought if God is raising you to address families? Just like God raised Paul to be a teacher specifically to the gentiles.

Victory: Well, perhaps God is. I can’t say now; in fact, my next book is centered on family. Maybe, this is the path for me in writing. Who knows? God does, and I can’t wait for everything to become apparent. You know, step by step; that’s God.

Loveth: Tell us briefly about your book Chasing Shadows and Where is Your Faith?

Victory: Chasing Shadows, as the name implies, means running after what isn’t. I had the idea for this book when I imagined myself in a situation, and the more I dwelled on this imagination, then I felt led to write it. I wrote the book in 2 days or so; the idea just kept following. In the book ‘Chasing Shadows’ I spoke to my best knowledge using the story of dealing with guilt and not being available for those you love. Rachel, the main character blamed her parents for the unfortunate incident that happened; she was raped. Her father was in between letting go of church money or having his daughter dead.

No one expected the armed robbers to rape her; the parents had gone for a night vigil, but Rachel felt her father had a choice; he never opted for. The father felt guilty for his devotedness to the church, and the mother was torn because she couldn’t do anything. She was helpless. I dwelt more on this guilt and helplessness in the book, and to shed more light on the tumult in the family was a total stranger to Rachel. This is to enlighten my readers that God works in mysterious ways, even with the painful past of our helper. The stranger had a history too.

Where is Your Faith? As straight-forward as the title, so is the storyline. A couple, the wife with a scar yet to be healed. Two friends in the hospital, one is mourning the death of his wife, the other whose family is almost in scrambles, and then another family looking up to God for the fruit of the womb. Every character has a story to tell in this book, and with each struggle they had, they must all answer a question, where is their faith in God?  

Loveth: In Chasing Shadows, the daughter of a Christian parent got raped when they went to a vigil and left her behind. Following that storyline, many people feel God doesn’t exist, and if at all he does, he’s a wicked God because he allows evil. What do you have to say about that?

Victory: Let me start by saying, God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good; we are never to doubt this phrase. The feeling of ‘God is wicked, and allows evil’ surfaces when our expectations are not met; let me give an analogy using my life. I was in 300l when I had the first carryover in my life; it was a subject I had high hopes for; I was overly confident in my ability, but I was ‘shooked.’ I failed, and the first thing that props my mind was: God isn’t so kind, because if he was, this expectation of mine with success shouldn’t have been cut short. I zoned out with God; let’s say I rebelled. I saw no reason to serve God, not pray, or read my Bible. It was a draining period for me; it made no sense, that I a mortal being, was trying to fight immortality. 

Seat me down and talk about God being good then, I would look at you saying, ‘Life hasn’t happened to you, that’s why you are blabbing’ I know many have experienced this before, perhaps the death of a loved one, failure, disappointment, and the likes; but I have realized that through all we go through, God is still God; it is an indisputable fact. Now, how should we channel our emotions when things go awry? This is somewhat difficult, depending on what you are going through, but here is what I can say. In all, stay seated with the Father, cos in Him, you are going to find peace and the fulfillment you need. The world can not give you this, so don’t go zoning out on God. Be still, and know that God is God, and you are not alone. 

In sum, God is not wicked. At times, we go through some things to have a story to tell those to come after us. For all we go through, one thing is sure, there is a REASON for us, and that is one thing I explained in the book ‘Chasing Shadows’

Loveth: We’ve heard of similar stories where people lose their faith because of man’s tragic occurrences in their life. You wrote about similar experiences in ‘where is your faith?’ Can you tell us how to stand our grounds as Christians and never lose faith even in the darkest moments?

Victory: We are not ignorant of the enemy; our share of experiences differs amongst ourselves. What you go through, there is an 85% chance that I might not go through it. But, one thing binds us all in everything we go, Where is our Faith? In ourselves or God? 

It isn’t so easy to go all trusting God for everyone; some are used to trying things out on their own before consulting God (Bad habits) but, we are humans. We differ, and our growth level varies too. 

In trying times, we should know that our hope is hidden in Christ, and his grace is sufficient. The book ‘Where is your Faith?’ is a balance on that. Kike didn’t go all trusting God when her husband was declared brain dead, in fact, she rebelled. But, she grew in Christ, and her faith in God as the story unfolds. When things hit you for the first time, your reaction will be different than when you have experienced it before. Let’s alk about the thoughts of suicide; it is always challenging the first time; we grow our fighting power the more we stay rooted in Christ and learn from others. 

To answer the question, I will say; first, at such a period, learn to be patient with yourself and God. It might be a first time experience for you but be rest assured you will come out victorious. Talk with people around you; they might have a solution for you. At times like this, prayer might be challenging; but do the little you can to stay in Christ. 

To the best of my knowledge, trying times do not always last; it indeed has an end. You either overcome it or get used to it. In all, please stay with God, the source of all you will ever need to overcome.

Loveth: How do you get inspiration for writing, seeing that you love writing fictional stories, and fiction requires a lot of imagination and creativity?

Victory: As I said, I am a deep thinker; I love fantasy. I watch movies, not a fan of much reading nowadays, so I read blogs and learn in turn. This and more expands my creativity. Another trick I use is imagining myself in every proposed story; I use friends as sub-characters of the book; it helps me solidify the storyline and find it relatable 

Loveth: 2020 has been quite rough from January till this moment. Can you share tips from your book ‘Living out 2020 with confidence’ with us? It would come in handy and would help a lot of people to still make something out of this year. 

Victory: 2020, what a year. We are true overcomers. I had just read the book ‘When Heaven seems silent’ in December of 2019, it was an answer to the struggle I had then, and I felt God was helping me go through it. The valuable lessons I could apply from the book personally became the building block for the book ‘Living out 2020 with Confidence’. I can’t seem to go into details, but get the book and read. I spoke on our identity in Christ, how to stop playing the Blame game with God and face your relationship with God, and much more. It is a relatively short book, concise.

Loveth: All your books so far have been free, right? Why don’t you put a price tag and put it out for sale? Cause I feel people don’t value free things until their money purchases it.

Victory: You aren’t the first asking me this, but I will be frank; I have two reasons for not putting a price on my book, in fact, three. One, fear of not getting sales; another was to build a community around my work, and this worked out perfectly. I have gained valuable friends I can’t number. Another one, which is the last and most important, is because I felt led to do it. I remember I was to put a price on ‘Where is your faith?’ I had a significant discomfort within me, not until I succumb before I had peace. 

On valuing free things, I have to say it depends on the mindset and the need of the person. If you have needed something, you will surely love it. I have paid for things I don’t need to please people; believe me, I felt awful. And I have received free items that I refer back to months after months. Why? Because I need it. If you know your need, whether that thing is sold for a price or given out free, you will value it.

Loveth: Tell us how to connect with you and where we can download your books?

Victory: Everything is on this website. Books and all. You get it here. But, should you encounter issues downloading, you can reach out to me via email at moc.reveihcaadobfsctd@yrotciv or fill out the contact form on the inquiry page. Just click that link

Interview Team: Did you enjoy this episode? You definitely must; a lot had gone into making ever interview on this blog interesting and exciting. Do leave us feedback either by commenting or sending us an email at moc.reveihcaadobfsctd@nimda

Until then, be Joyous.

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  1. In fact, I have already benefited from this interview. You pointed out several things that I will remember for years to come. I look forward to reading your next informative work. Thank you.

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