The Essence of Christmas

The Essence Of Christmas

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Kate had struggled with different thoughts for days. Christmas was two weeks to go and the little sum of money she had was considered insufficient to celebrate Christmas. She was too concerned about ways of making the festive period so blissful until she realized an important fact.      

December last year, her bank account was smiling. Relationship with different friends was intact. Different levels of influence kept rolling in. She spent a huge sum of money on different clothes, jewelries, shoes and bags. She attended dinner parties, pool parties, funfairs and all sort of sophisticated programs in the name of celebrating Christmas.     

But it’s a different story this year. Kate’s eyes got opened when she realized the celebrations and funfairs of last year gifted her nothing in return but a financial breakdown and frustration. It didn’t add value to her life, family nor to her society. After meditating on some verses of the scriptures, she found out that she had been celebrating Christmas as a blind lady.

She had been celebrating Christmas with the wrong belief and manners. She had not taken time to understand the truth about Christmas and so the celebration had not been blessing her life in positive ways.      

She grew up with the mentality that Christmas is all about putting on new wares, exchanging gifts, dinning and all sort of things. She heard her pastor mention the essence of Christmas celebration different times. But it didn’t make sense to her until that moment when she realized her state of ignorance. She became aware of the truth that it is a waste of time celebrating Christmas without submitting to the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross.       

She realized that the purpose of the Christmas celebration is to honor Christ Jesus, His birth and the redemption He came to offer to mankind. She realized that she had been wasting her time all this while idolizing Christmas instead of worshipping Christ.

She understands now that the Christmas season is a moment for the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF JESUS AS THE KING WHO WAS GIVEN BIRTH TO FOR THE WORLD’S REDEMPTION.        

Also, things became clearer to her that no effort to celebrate Christmas Is worth it, if it does not glory Christ. With happiness, Kate looks forward to the Christmas day. She hope to celebrate it in a different, moderate and gracious style because she now understands the ESSENCE OF CHRISTMAS.

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