The mystery and time and truth

The Mystery of Time and Truth

On day 8; we will discuss the mystery of Time and Truth!!! I am glad to have you here. For some time now, I have written stories; today is for poetry; I just happen to be giving it a trial; therefore don’t get your hope high for something perfect, please…

The Mystery of Truth and Time

Have you ever been in my shoes before?

Maybe our feet have the same perfect fit?

Have you ever wondered as I did?

Well, well I love to say

I can’t say if we have the perfect shoe match

But I know everyone had felt how I felt

That feeling when lies stare back at you;

Most times you know it was a lie you have just been told

Maybe by the friends and loved ones you hold so dear

It hurt, it hurt I know

But here is one thing I want you to know

Give it time, give it time

Absurd and strangely long time could be when waiting

I think it would be worth it;

After all, I always believe this

Truth is a luxury, and time is its currency

That dream? Give it time

That passion? Give it time

You feel lost? Give it time

Truth always prevails; no matter what

But it always takes time

It may tarry; wait for it

You will have the laugh last

Truth always prevails

The mystery and time and truth

I thought maybe writing a poem (even if I know I never excel in putting down a beautiful poem) would be the best way to communicate today’s quote.

Time. I have heard; always runs fast and waits for no one but in a situation when a man is hurt and heartbroken; time isn’t shortened but prolonged. Time should be valued and it (time) reveals the truth at all costs.

But, here is a truth I want you to hold unto;

Perhaps you think your life is a lie?

Maybe you think love is a lie?

There is a word I believe will soothe your heart; yes, your aching heart;

That heart that has been battered, deceived and tormented

You must have heard that phrase before,

If you haven’t; I wouldn’t mind sharing it with you

Wait for it!!!





Beloved, Jesus loves you so so much

You don’t believe me? Let’s talk, send me a contact message on any of my social handles, or fill your message on the contact page HERE

See you tomorrow…

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